Sunday, May 25, 2008

PRIME LOOK: First hands-on in our makeup class...

Prime look = No makeup look. the look that models sport in print ads or commercials. according to our teacher, this is also the basis for bridal makeup.

...i'm doomed! you know how i dread the no-makeup-look.

but anyhoo, i enjoyed the class. really! i learned a lot starting from shaping the brows, shading and grooming it...tightlining, colors to use, applying and blending and mixing foundations and concealers...etc. I was beside Sophie and Leslie and we were panicking (but enjoying) the entire class. i am really thankful to have these two girls with me in this class.

Also, i want to say thank you (again) to my model for this other than Merie Cris (i have already posted her when she let me do her makeup for a wedding she's going to attend). thanks baby! muaaahz

so here's my attempt on the PRIME LOOK...


and then her after pictures:

taken with no-flash

with flash

it was a really tiring day for us. we were standing for like 3hrs while doing the makeup and at the same time taking instructions from our gorgeous teacher. i had to re-do my model's brows because i've been shading it too dark...when it should be light to dark in the first place. ack. i was also frustrated with my Shu Uemura curler since the curls were much better when i used my Fanny Serrano curler on her lashes previously. grrr...practice! practice! practice!

after the hands-on, we had lunch and went straight to a makeup workshop at BECCA (GB5, ADORA). I was trying to keep myself from buying anything but who can resist the 20% discount for LCI students? boo-hoo..and like Sophie and Leslie, i got myself this really nice blush brush made of blue squirrel hair. We also got their new Mineral Primer with SPF as freebie...mind you, it's a full size! (i better stop justifying my purchase hehe)

my BECCA loot:

my most expensive brush up to date...(but with the 20% off, it's second to my MAC 187) and my free becca primer

my free BECCA primer.

i wanted to get their mattifying primer but i'll try this one first...hopefully it would work so i won't need to shell out some moolah again. hehehhee

we also passed by MAC to check out brushes for Sophie and since i've been lemming their eyecream for months now and me reading a lot of good reviews about it, i finally decided to get one:

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

I really hope this works for me. Funny that i'd be using something with caffeine for my eyes when i rarely drink coffee...

and i also got a tinted moisturizer from Mary Kay at 20% off courtesy of my another classmate, Glens...

i know...i have too much tinted moisturizers already. but i just can't say no to good deals...grrrr

finally, here's me with Merie Cris and Leslie after a day of attending class, makeup workshop and some shopping:

Merie Cris, me (looking haggard and harassed after days of only having 2hrs of sleep and Leslie)

Next sat will be about Contouring and Highlighting and...hmm, what else Sophie and Les?

And oh, Merie Cris didn't just serve as my model...she also took down some notes for me during yah baby! til next time!



here's more pictures from our class. thanks Sophie!

me and my model for PRIME LOOK, Merie Cris

our teacher, RB Changco (prettyyyyy!)


david santos said...

Very nice work, very nice!
Have a nice day

Nica said...

wow ang saya naman =)

galing mo na talaga... =)

Anonymous said...

Balikan naten yung mga Becca brushes Jhengster? ;)) heeheehee!!! I'm so inggit with your CS palette. I wanttt!!!!

AskMeWhats said...

awww sis, you pulled off the natural look!!!! Your model looks gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

thanks david for dropping by. hope to see you more often here :)

nica ang bolera kong pakner haaha...marunong ka din naman kaso hindi mo talga hilig mag-e/s eh. more into blushes ka. blush queen! hahheheh

sophie ano sabi mo? ano daw? wahhahah...i still want MAC e/s brushes eh, mas type mo ba becca? wala na tayong discount dun! the cs palette? get the other set of shades, alam ko may tatlo pa eh. magkakadikit lang naman tau better if we have different shades, hiraman na lang hahaha

thanks nikki!

Anonymous said...

fab haul again sis! i'll be waiting for your review on the MAC fast eye response cream. ;)

Nica said...

hahaha hindi ako bolera... LOL... pabili ako ng 15 pro palette pag pnta nyo mac... dba may discount kayo... 10% off ba? hehehe... tapos ibang brand e/s lalagay ko... JOKE... isang mac e/s every 2 months... LOL

Liz said...

ang saya-saya! :-)

good job, sis.

Unknown said...

will surely review the eyecream for you mhean :)

sure nica, pede naman magpabili during our workshop...sayang ang 10% off hehehe. i think kasya dito yung nyx e/s na nasa trio palette?

thanks sis liz im sure you can do better...goodluck sa schooling mo and keep us posted. ;)

Gracie said...

Oh, Jheng! You're such a diva! Ha ha ha! Great to know that you're having some fun with you make up artistry classes. Who wouldn't? Ha ha ha!

Shen said...

what a great job sis! i can't wait to see more of your work. and you still look pretty after! i wanna be your super model! :)

becca has a lot of raves! :) next to MAC talaga i would buy this. :)
but for brushes MAC pa rin siguro. :) wait till you work there.. you might get it for FREE, di ba?? :)

Tracy Roa said...

great job on the prime look! you make me want to take some make-up classes myself. hehe.

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