Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: Elianto Gel Liner

For months now, i've been lemming for MAC's fluidline. But its cost stops me from getting one, and believe me, i won't even stop on getting only one. besides, i have a lot of mineral e/s that i can convert to an eyeliner. So when my sis and I dropped by Elianto weeks ago, i was so happy to see that they already have a gel liner. The Face Shop has too but their testers are dried up already that i can't seem to convince myself to get one despite its much lower price than that of MAC's.
priced at P299, its description says:
Gellified texture for prominent, lasting and smooth finishing, water resistant eyeline. Paint above the eye lid with liner brush and blend evenly.

available colors: Black and Deep Brown

I was excited to try it but i don't have any angled eyeliner brush to use with it. i have lots of pointed e/l brush though but since this is gel, i would need something angled. So i went to MAC and got myself their 266 brush (hahahha, me trying to save by not getting their fluidlines and yet getting their brush!)

but to my dismay, i found their brush too soft to be used for Elianto's gel liner. but i am sure it works well with their fluidlines. its just that the consistency of Elianto liner is not that as creamy as that of MAC. so i had to find another brush that will work with it....and fortunately, i found one that has been sitting all this time inside my "backup" stash:

i got this brush at landmark...i guess price ranging from Php30-40. It's more stiff and just right enough to scrape some product from the pot.

and this is my MAC 266. i want to hit my head real hard for getting this and not being able to use it with my gel liner...does this mean i would need to get their fluidlines too so i can put this into good use?
actual image and size of the Elianto Gel Liner
eyeshots of gel liner applied an hour ago:
after my 10-hr shift:
my verdict:
it stayed put and didn't smudge. all you need is an angled eyeliner brush that would be stiff enough to scrape the product from the jar and some eyelining skills and you're good to go. i haven't used this on my waterlines though since i'm scared that the brush will poke my eyes.
will i buy again? yes, i'll get the other shade which is brown. for it's price, it does the job well. but i still have my eyes on MAC's fluidlines!
so there..i hope my review can help you decide whether to get this new product from Elianto. If there's anybody who have tried this too, please let us know what you think about it too!


AskMeWhats said...

hey sis, wow...I had the same problem when I first used my gel liner, and i ended up with angled brush too!!!! ANd you're so funny buying the MAC brush and it doesn't work with your Elianto and now you want to buy the MAC Fluidlines again! hahaha sis, will you be able to wait ba for fluidlines? Coz I'll be going to HK pero September pa...I may post for fellow addict sisses coz I'll be shopping for make up too and I may be open for some pabili's from our fellow addicts, coz I know how it is to really really WANT something and can't seem to get our hands on it :) just in're the first person i asked ha! heheh but it's open to all from the Phlippines..but its a long time pa! Sept :) I'll post na lang weeks before I leave :)

Unknown said...

hey count me in with that pabili stuff...i want NYX! yiheeee...ill save save save para i can make pabili yahoooo. and shempre mac. thanks for asking me sis..naku love kita muaaahh hehehe

AskMeWhats said...

Jheng, I will research if they have NYX in HK, alam ko parang wala..but just in case....matagal pa..months pa..not sure kung makakahintay ka..but note down on stuffs you want, I'll post a month early para you guys can save up and research here in Phlippines how much it is here. So I can check. My bestfriend told me MAC, Shu Uemura, are cheaper talaga in HK!!! So I'll post about it..dont' worry, and this is not business..pabili talaga to help peeps and friends like you Muwah :X

kryzteta said...

Hi jheng! I've been a lurker of your blog for a few months now.
Anyway, I love my elianto gel liner too! For me I think it's way better than fluidline, mas mahirap kase tanggalin yung sa elianto compared to my fluidline.

I'll link your site to my blog by the way :)

Anonymous said...

good to know you have tried gel liners na, addicting indeed right? :D i am biased 'cause i love f/l hehe. buti ka pa your 266 is soft! my SE isn't. :( i will try na lang when getting FS hehe.

Nikki, i will wait for that sis! :D *chanting ADIK, ADIK, ADIK mwaha*

Unknown said...

yey thanks sis nikki im gonna save save save na! (yeah right) heheheh you are so sweet to do this for us. muaaah

hi kryzteta thanks for visiting my blog. will link u up too! asar lang no elianto only has 2 colors. black and brown. better if they can come up with shades like that of mac's :D

sis mhean yup addicting. i am still thinking if im going to get gel liners. dami ko kasi feliners from meow and other mmu e/s which i can just convert to a liquid liner. isip isp ako

Miming Po C-Ako said...

i have the same gel liner that you are using and i agree that it really stays up to like forever.. actually they sell dfrnt kinds of brushes too so i really ddnt have any problems with the brush.. :)) nice eyes:)

Miming Po C-Ako said...

saan bah makakabili nang mac brushes? im like looking for it in malls in our place but i cant find one..

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