Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Review: VMV Oh-La-Lash Mascara

I've been reading about this mascara for a long time already but its price of P1k has been stopping me to get one and try it...until Mom asked me to get one for her and since it was on a sale (25% off) i got myself one too!

so what's so interesting about this stuff?

VMV says the product:
  • Features a special clay-like compound that swells up with water, which is mixed in as the wand moves up and down the lashes during application.
  • Uses only skin-safe, richly-hued iron oxide pigments ... which are then specially surface-treated to lock the pigments in, preventing contact with the underlying skin through smearing, smudging, even with tearing and rubbing for 15-20 seconds.
  • A unique film-former then wraps around each lash creating lightweight yet solid sleeves — almost like a shellac — that:
    1. Add even more volume to each lash,
    2. Separate and define while building up,
    3. Lock in pigments even more to prevent smearing, and smudging all day.
  • Individuating sleeves stay true all day. So true that they come off in whole pieces (again reducing raccoon eyes and skin contact during removal) — slickly sliding off without damaging lashes — with simple water and a cleanser, or VMV’s Soft and Swift Makeup Remover.

Validated Hypoallergenic: VH-63
100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free
Skin-safe Iron Oxide Pigments
Opthalmologist Tested

Net Content: 0.27 Fl Oz (8mL)

and before i give my thoughts about this product, here's some before and after pics:




my take?

well, obviously, it pulled the curl down...but only to the extent where the tips would still be slightly curled. it definitely made my lashes look longer and thicker. there are fiber-like stuff that will be deposited on the lashes that would help to elongate them. putting on another layer will pull the curl down much more but to give it a slight curl without using a lash curler again (which is by the way, a no-no) is to give the tip of the lashes a lift using the mascara wand. with the wand still being held horizontally, put it under the tips of your lashes and slightly push them up. it's like what you do if you want to curl your hair using a roller brush but the reverse (forgive me for giving poor instructions...remember, a retard here! ehehe)

it didn't give me raccoon eyes after my entire shift and it doesn't make your lashes stiff unlike other mascaras do. if you would try to feel your lashes, they will still be soft. i use my maybelline eye and makeup remover and it easily goes off. you'd notice some fiber-like thingy too...the SA told me that this easily washes out with water though i haven't tried that yet since i remove my makeup first using my cleansing milk and not directly with water. but i could say that among the other mascaras i've tried, this one is a no-brainer to remove.

will i buy it again? unless it's on sale. hehehe.. i prefer my lashes to be really curled and i can also get the lengthening effect from my other mascaras. but again, if this is on sale, i'll definitely snag another tube.

i am considering to use this for my makeup class since it takes off easily...and i won't need to worry about stressing my model's eyes to apply and then wipe it off after repeatedly.

* Product Image and Description courtesy of VMV site


Anonymous said...

i think i can never ever bring myself to buy a mascara that costs 1k! the most expensive i spent is around P600 and that i don't think i will buy again haha.

Iambrigitte said... ko kasi eh. the best mascara for me would be max factor...mejo mahal pero does the job. it doesnt pull my lashes down too. what brand are you using sis?

femmenagerie said...

I agree with you. It could use a more curling and lengthening formula, especially given the price. I also tried my hand on reviewing it and you can read about my VMV Ooh La Lash review if you follow the link :)

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