Wednesday, May 28, 2008

trying out my MAC eyeshadows....

yeah...yeah...i know they are stuffs for school. but would it hurt if i try them on? :P

so here's a usual blue-purple look, this time using MAC....
(thanks to Mhean my lovely enabler!)

(ewww, excuse the bags)

MAC Shroom to highlight
MAC Freshwater on the lid and on the lower lash lines
4U2 light blue just below the crease and on the top half of MAC Freshwater
MAC Parfait Amour on the crease
VMV Oh-la-lash Mascara in Black
MAC Technakohl in Phone Number on the waterlines
MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack on the upper lash line

Becca Mineral Primer with SPF
Cinema secrets concealer on blemishes, side of the nose and undereyes
MAX Factor MiracleTouch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Golden
MAC MSF Natural in Light Medium
Fanny Serrano Blush
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

4U2 l/s in #14

what can i say...hands down to MAC. i love its color payoff. a little definitely goes a long way. you have to start lightly and then just build the color up.
now i'm tempted to have them "JUST" for personal use.
i want more MAC eyeshadows!


Vanessa said...

gorgeous! blue and purple look awesome together don't they?!

Anonymous said...

wow sis super pretty!! musta naman staying power ng 4U2 e/s? what about the color pay off compared to MAC?

have you tried PAC e/s? its from indonesia but some says its good naman daw..

AskMeWhats said...

sis! You look great both MMUs and Regular make up!!! :) awwww you are lucky to have the palette completed in one buy! hehehhe :D love it!

Unknown said...

thanks vaness! at first i am not sure if i can combine both actually, but wth...eheheh...

hi jane i really can't say anything bout the staying power of 4U2 since i always put UDPP first because i really have this oily lids. i will try that next time and will let u know. yep, i have PAC too. i have a quad i got last year. colors are nice too! but imho, too chalky. will try that again...

hi nikki thanks a lot! kaw talaga bolera heheh. oo nga e me lucky..but forever indebted to X lol. he wants me to be a good girl in return, now that's hard! hahahah

AskMeWhats said...

HOY Girlash! I'm not bolera no! HMPH *hurt hurt hurt* hehehhe Totoo naman eh..what do you want me to do ? say hindi maganda? eh maganda naman talaga! Sige post ka ng pangit na eyeshot..I'll criticize to the nth level pramis! hmph

Anonymous said...

haha you're hooked Jheng! :P aren't MAC e/s sooo purdddyyy and addicting and salivating and ... haha am going nuts. :P

Alice @Ogni cosa bella รจ viola said...

You looks great in your blu make up and i love this match perfect amour and freshwater!

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