Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tutorial: Rainbow (sorta) looks

for months now, i've been trying to upload video tutorials i've made of my certain looks but until now, i can't seem to upload and play them properly. either the voice is choppy or it's too slow. :( it works fine when i try to view it from the camera but once i upload it into the computer, it gets messed up.

so for now, i'll just have a picture tutorial of my most recent looks. sorry for the quality of pictures and for my unclear instructions. i'll try to do much better next time.
warning: picture heavy (as usual...heheh)

1. Start with a clean face/eyes

2. Apply primer (UDPP) all over the lid

3. Using any flat shader brush (MAC 239) apply yellow gold e/s on the inner 1/3 of the lid

4. Using the same brush (of course, wipe it against a tissue to clean), apply an orange e/s on the middle of the lid and a reddish pink e/s on the outer 1/3

5. Using any crease brush (MAC 217) apply a lighter shade of pink on the crease

6. Blend and using a Q-tip, get rid of the excess

7. Apply concealer

8. Blend concealer (blend...blend...blend)

9. Shade brows

10. Line upper lash lines

11. Curl lashes and apply mascara

12. Buff finishing powder all over face (MSF)

13. Line lower lashlines with the same e/s shades used and the waterline with a black eyeliner

14. Apply blush and contour if you like

15. Apply lip primer and then lipstick

16. DONE!

close-up shots

and here's me working hard in the office (taken during a conference call) wahahhahaa:

sorry, i forgot what shades i've used. will edit this post soon!

so now you have an idea how silly i look when i am putting on makeup. i hope i didnt scare yah!

g'morning everyone...muaaahz


AskMeWhats said...

awww you look cute putting on make up!! I love the color combi!!!! you look great again!!!!

rotten rainbows said...

second pic in number 7 looked scary lol :P love the colours! hope you manage to fix your video tuts soon! :D

Anonymous said...

nice work photos! lol. :) what brand of concealer did you use here?

jing said...

cute combination! You should enter this to Gee's (bellacupcake) summer look contest. Love the lipstick and cheek color too! And your eyelashes are sooooooo long, I had to reread if you used falsies.

Shen said...

wow! galing!! :) more tuts ha? i can't wait for you to do full blown rainbow look aka rainbow bright! :)love how yours kinda wingsout on the end.. sigh!

what lip primer do you use? :)

Nica said...

wow nice tutorial... =) galing galing...

Gracie said...

I absolutely love this will have a go soon. Perhaps you could teach on YM ;) ha ha ha!

Cristina said...

Now we know your secret...wahahaha :p Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Curious, what lip primer do you use?

Liz said...

bongga! :-)

Iambrigitte said...

nikki thanks..but i definitely look weird when putting on makeup..i tend to have my mouth open most of the time. i dont have a mirror stand kasi. so i have a brush on my other hand and a mirror on the other. kainis!

hi rotten rainbows yeah, it looks scary alright. hehhee me thought of not including it. but wth, the entire planet already saw my before obagi pics and they were even more scary! thanks for visiting! and yep, will try to work on my videos...or maybe i will not just talk...hehehe

hi shiana i'm actually using the concealer-foundation from cinema secrets :) thanks!

hi jiehiya naman ako to enter the contest..maybe i will though but i'll come up with a different color combo. any suggestions? :D nah, my lashes arent that long. i;m just usin the VMV oh-la-lash mascara..but it pulls down my curls. though my makeup teacher said that there's no such thing as mascara pulling down your just means you didnt curl your lashes well

hhahaha rainbow brite? loka ka shen well, maybe...let's see. i really wish i can upload my vid tuts properly. or un nga nde na lang ako magsasalita. hehehe the lip primer i use is that of smashbox's. it's the lip and eye primer..ung isang end for the lip and the other end for the eye. ung eye primer doesnt work for me. actually any concealer would do, or powder.

thanks again nica

hahaha gracie cam to cam tau? hahahha...let's do it one time ha.

hi crissy oo nga eh, buko na ako na super nde organized ako in putting on makeup. i just put on the colors and blend it after. if it still looks messed up, panic mode ako kakabura ng excess and reapplying using that of smashbox's

mas bongga tuts mo liz

AskMeWhats said...

you don't look weird at all!!! but you're so good talaga ha :) honest!

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