Monday, May 19, 2008

yadah yadah...

i woke up early today and i was so hungry...i opened the fridge and que horror! i have no food! arrrghhh..hmm, actually i have some but i need those that are not any of the following: cream puffs, cinnamon buns from cinnabons and chocolates. hehehe (trying to eat healthy?)

so i went to the nearby SHOPWISE and picked up some stuffs:

(so where's the healthy stuff? duh!)

and more stuffs for school...

ehem, sans the folders and the nipper. :P

and yes, i was so damn hungry that this is the first thing i munched that morning:


(err, healthy food?)

aahh, for those who know me...they would know that i eat almost anything. well, except for livers and okra. ewww.. but aside from those two, i'll definitely get whatever will be offered to me. hehehhe. i was brought up not to be picky when it comes to food...i love vegetables (again, except for okra) and fish. but i am such a meat person...not to mention that i can finish up to 3 servings of rice.


i tried to diet...but i just can't. i love to eat...why starve yourself in the first place? oh well, i know i am not getting any younger and i should start watching what i eat. but what the heck...i am gonna eat...and eat...and eat!

yours truly,

jhengky the butanding


Liz said...

er, you don't need to go on a diet, my dear.. i believe you have got fast metabolism and you are lucky because all the yummy food you eat don't go straight to your hips..

as for me, ugh.. i need to work out a lot in order to maintain the weight i want! :-p

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Two skinny ladies talking about diet! Hmmm... What does that make me?

Liz! You're a one hot sexy lady and shouldn't worry about putting weight on!

... and you Jheng, my darling chickedie! After you've posted you flat midriff, you've got nothing to worry about!

Anyway... I can see what has been keeping you busy. I love shopping and I wish we could shop together! It might take a few days but we'll get there :)

Take care you two and have fun!

Anonymous said...

haha i hate okra too! :P but i love liver lol. i tried dieting too, i still want to but it's just in my genes so i will still eat too haha.

Iambrigitte said...

i dont really fact, i eat a lot. would you believe i can finish one whole roasted chicken on one sitting? hahaa..that's how savage i am hahha

and gracie believe me my tummy is far from being flat. im just starving when i took that picture! lol...

sis mhean mom and sis do not eat rice. ako lang! at sa mahal ng bigas ngayon mom's telling me to buy a sack of rice for myself hehehe..

wag na ako pagshopping-in, wag lang ung wag akong pakainin. (err...mali ata) hahaha

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