Tuesday, June 24, 2008


thanks Sophie for tagging me...i miss this stuff.

What were you doing ten years ago?

i was in my 3rd year college...shucks, am i that old already!? i was struggling with my programming subjects back then. never really liked it...and never will. LOL i was actually on the verge of shifting to another course.

i was also starting to live on my own. i remember moving out of an apartment where i lived with other 4 people. i was scared at first, but loved it later on.

What are five things on your to-do list today?

1. Go home and try to sleep
2. If i can't sleep, i'd probably be practicing on the looks i'd be doing for my finals on Saturday (nervous! nervous!)
3. Go online and blog. Surf the net for more makeup ideas
4. I would love to go to MAC...but i won't. LOL
5. sleep...i badly need it

Snacks you enjoy?
skittles, marshmallows, M&Ms, potato chips

Places you’ve lived?
Balanga City (Bataan) where i lived for almost all my life then i went to Baguio City for college. and now i am living in Manila for almost 7 years already. but of course i still go home every now and then.

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Buy my own sephora and put it inside my newly-built mansion
2. Build a foundation that will take care of our elderly and send children to school...even makeup school!
3. Go abroad and study more about makeup or get Jemma Kidd as my tutor (dream on, jheng!)
4. Bring my family to places we've never been before and shop! shop! shop! like Sophie, i'm gonna buy all the good makeup brushes available! hahahah
5. Bring sephora here in the Philippines

People you want to know more about?
Everybody. So i'm tagging everyone who would read this... (wink!)


Monday, June 23, 2008

my traincase...

after seeing Nikki's post about her "gig" traincase, i thought of posting mine too. but i am not sure whether i should call it as my "gig" traincase, for i wish it would be more of my personal traincase. LOL

anyways, for weeks now, i've been bringing my black doctor's bag instead of my trolley traincase. i think it's kinda weird to bring all my stuffs in school. but since finals is fast approaching, i decided to prepare my other traincase since it can carry more stuffs and aside from that, my back won't be complaining that much anymore since this has wheels.

so here's my traincase now...ready for my finals and other makeup gigs:

left side:

top layer: paintpots, fluidlines, primer, concealer and lipsticks
2nd layer: powder foundations, concealer and mascaras
3rd layer: eyeliners
4th layer: lipglosses

right side:

top layer: MAC powders, sculpt and shape, finishing powders, CS concealer palette and blush (NARS)
2nd layer: eyeshadows
3rd layer: blushes
4th layer: eyeshadows


liquid and cream foundations, eyeshadow and blush palettes, wipes, loose powders and some primers

i know...i know...my traincase is far from being organized. its just that some stuffs won't fit on the layers where they should be put in.

okay...i know i'm just giving out excuses!

anyways, i still have some stuffs coming from NYX, sephora and MAC (geesh, i am so excited to get these)...but, they would no longer fit here.

okay, no choice then...but to have those stuffs for my personal use!


my attempt on smokey eyes + falsies....on myself!

i so love the smokey eyes look...but i haven't tried it on myself. i've watched a lot of youtube tutorials and i thought it was easy....i thought wrong.

last Saturday, we had our lesson on smokey eyes + falsies and i must admit, my teacher kept on telling me that mine looks messy. i was getting really frustrated...(sob). good thing, my model TIN kept on encouraging me until i finally did it (i did, didn't i?). i so love Tin's eyes after the makeover...love it so much that i decided to try it on myself.

(headband worn for the purpose of pulling my hair back...only)

anyways, i found out that it's not really easy to do the smokey eyes look...i dunno, i tend to really mess it up. also, putting false eyelashes on yourself is so damn hard! geesh, how come others can do it in a breeze?

so what do you think? can i pull off such looks? what else do i need to improve on this look? i honestly think i suck in blending the colors and that the eyemakeup isn't even at all.

hmmm, i would love to try this again...but maybe next time, it won't be just black and silver...any ideas?


my loots for the week....

....when will i ever stop?

but a girl can never have too much makeup, aight!?

anyways, here's my loot for the week.

let's start off with my loot from Landmark:

Fanny Serrano 2-way foundation in Fantasia, Blush brush also from Fanny Serrano and some falsies (which i forgot to bring in class...good thing Sophie gave me a pair, whew!)

nice to be used as bronzer, no? i am not really a fan of bronzers since it makes me look muddy but i just can't pass on this beautiful, shimmery bronzer....so i got it! LOL

my loots from Mhean:

sorry, i forgot the shade of the other one. it looks like MAC Amber Lights, though. thanks again, Mhean!

my MAC loots:

eyeshadow in Pearlescent, Prep and Prime (eye) in Medium, Shadestick in Beige-ing (thanks Phoebe and JV for getting this for me) and MAC 209 brush

eyeshadows in Peppier, Poison Pen, Pen 'N Pink and Nocturnelle, 272 brush and another eye pro-palette

forgot to swatch Pearlescent...ugh!

my MUFE loots:

HD powder (i soooo love this!), Lip Fixer (and this one), Green concealer and Aqua eyes in Black and Silver

like Mhean, i am so tempted to get all the shades of Aqua Eyes liner....hay, i wish i am rich!

and finally, my own Revaleskin:

thanks Phoebe for the great deal! ;)

and again, thanks to my fairygodhotmama Phoebe, for giving me these:

mineral foundations and Nivea tinted moisturizer

i am so loving this brush, phoebs! thanks a lot...as in super thanks for being sooo generous!

and last, but not the least:

my CHARM stippling brush (finally)

i should've gotten one a looong time ago. this is one really good brush..review coming soon!

thanks to Phoebe and Sophie for stopping me from getting more loots from MAC during MAC Glorietta's bridal kit launch last Saturday. please don't stop reminding me that i am really broke!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

LCI: 4D Neutral eyeshadows and Smokey eyes...

'twas our last week before our finals...(acck! nervous nervous) and i know i'm gonna miss our classes. not only because of the things we get to learn but because of my newly-found friends. it was really fun meeting new people, sharing ideas and going to workshops to learn more. i wish our class is longer...

anyways, for our session...we had our evaluation for the 4-neutral eyeshadow look. and this time, i have the very beautiful (and flawless) TIN as my model.

TIN before makeup:

TIN after:

TIN being prepared (and goofing around) for the smokey eyes look:

TIN with smokey eyes and falsies:

LES with her model, Diana:

SOPHIE in action:

camwhoring after our class and during our MAC workshop:

yours truly with the very talented (and friendly) Mitch Dulce

we really had a long day last Saturday. Imagine, after the class we had to go to MAC Shangrila to attend the Catwalk Trends workshop and then go back to MAC Makati for their bridal kit launch. thanks to CAROL, who gave us a ride back and forth. :)

it was really fun...i was so tired but i still managed to have a dinner and some drinks with my new found friends: Shen, Leslie and Phoebe.

i also had the chance to put makeup on Shen and Leslie...i wasnt able to take a pic while i was doing Shen's but here's one when i'm doing Les' makeup:

more camwhoring here

I wish everyday is like this Saturday. I am glad i enrolled in the makeup class...because i got to meet new friends whom i never thought i'd be able to meet.

can't wait for the next Saturday
(ugghh...it's FINALS day! boo-hoo)

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