Monday, June 2, 2008

a date with X....

after dinner and some shopping with X last night, we again went out today because he needs to get a haircut and then have his picture taken for his passport renewal.

i was just wearing shorts and slippers because i had no idea we would be heading to the mall. we just thought of going somewhere near my place for his haircut and for my mani-footspa-pedi but after a short "argument" we just found ourselves back in Glorietta.

we went to BenchFix, but was asked to go back after two hours for his slot. arrgggh. it's almost lunch and we're hungry and i still need to look for a pair of jeans/slacks so we had to look for another alternative. apparently, the salon he used to go to was affected during the Glorietta bombing months ago. we were about to lose hope and just wait for his turn at BenchFix when we passed by "CUTS for TOTS." yep..a salon for kids....out of desperation, i went in and asked the people there if adults can also get a haircut from there. fortunately, they said YES! here's X in a salon for kids:

i bet he's goofing around so it won't be obvious that he's actually nervous...wahahahaa

hmmm, how come he's not sitting in that toy car? hhehehee

"sir, be gentle with him...he's actually scared!" nyahahhaha

my labidab's first hair cut in a salon for kids...LOL

okay, i better stop. else, he'd kill me once he sees his pictures here. hehehehe anyways, CUTS for TOTS are intended for kids (do i really need to keep on rubbing it in? hahhahaa) but they say that even the parents can get a haircut there while waiting for their kids who are also having their hair cut. We were the first customers that day and right before X got his hair done...a lot of people went in with their kids. the first one is a family with 2 kids...who at first looked surprised to see that we are alone (no kid with us, just X having his hair done). hhehehe...i was actually wondering how come they didnt give us free bubbles and didn't let X watch some barney video like the other kids did. wahahahaha

but we like their service. they never made us feel weird at all or made fun of us (or maybe after we left? hahhaha)

after his haircut and his passport picture taken, we were on our way back to the parking area when we saw CLEAR having some sort of event at Glorietta Activity Center. and of course, i had to take some pictures. too bad i only have my camera phone with me that time:

i was expecting to see Piolo in person...but i think this would do for the meantime:

the other guy in my life....papa piolo!

so there, my little sorta date with X. and oh...i wasnt able to have my nails done.


Gracie said...

I can just imagine the fun you've had taking Mr. X to a toddlers' barber shop ha ha ha! I would've done the same with my boyfriend :P

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha that is funny! I didn't even know they cut hair for adults!!! hahah thanks for the info although I doubt my hubby would like to get in there! although he would enjoy sitting in the toy car (if it won't be broken ahhaha) he hates barney though hahahah that's a fun date :)

Gracie said...

Oh, Nikki! Don't be boring! Go on! Take him there next time he needs a haircut! I'll do the same with my boyfriend and we can compare notes after! Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

lol, my daughter naman i was looking for a kid's salon pero sa adults salon ko naman siya nadala haha. btw, my other man naman is Jerry Yan... mwahaha! :P

AskMeWhats said...

Gracie! I am adventurous..not sure how my hubby is with being adventurous on these! hahah he's so particular with his hair!

Iambrigitte said...

ehehe..kanina he saw me reading my blog and was terrified to see his pics. he didnt realize i wasnt joking until he saw his pics for himself! now he wants me to remove the post...hell no! :P

EmBeVieT* said...

LoL looks like you had a great time!

Shen said...

love it!! :) my bf is perpetually sporting the semi-kal look so I shave his hair instead of going to the barber! :) lol! you're look goes well with the clear motif ha? definitely papa piolo moment! isn't he hot??? but my heart will forever be for Ron and ummm... Sean Connery! O di ba?? mahilig ako sa matanda? Honesly, i think he's the hottest Bond and the scottish accent is to die for! obviously i love guys with mustache. hehe. and you love your clean shaven. :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks for dropping by missfeisty

hehehe, yep shen papa piolo's so hot! and i dont like men with moustache or goatee...but i also heart Sean Connery! love the accent and his very attractive eyes. hehehee

Anonymous said...

Lol! it must hae been a great experience :) Anyways, apart from ensuring an impressive hair cut for your bf, you can also get few useful tips on how to make him look best in passport photos. This is an interesting link thaht allows you to take free passport photos at home within seconds.

Let me know how you liked it!

Have a nice day! :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks martha!

Unknown said... is another good one. Can you add it?

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