Sunday, June 8, 2008

i love Saturdays!

well, aside from the fact that this is the day when i go to school for my makeup classes...this is also the day when i get to be with my newly found friends (well, some of them i've met online about a year ago but i just got to meet them in person lately) to have lunch, talk about makeup and of!

for today, we didn't go to our usual Saturday makeup class. instead, our class went to MAC Glorietta for our MAC Masterclass. i was late (as usual) but it was just about to start when i arrived. well, the reason why i was late? first, i woke up late...and you know me, i need at least 2hrs to prepare...and secondly, i just found out that my makeup kit's missing! i searched for it like crazy...damn, i can lose my cellfone but not that kit! i was literally going nuts this morning that i had to call people and ask them about it. (yeah, i am that retard!) i was no longer planning to go to our masterclass but i know i have to attend. so with a heavy heart, i left the house without an idea where that effin' kit was!

while inside the cab, i was computing the amount of the items inside the kit. damn, i have my 3 MAC powders and 1 MUFE loose powder in there. my MAC blush brush is also concealer, a lipstick, a gloss and damn, my colored elastics for my braces!

as soon as i arrived at MAC, i tried my best to listen but my mind's still on that kit. how the hell was i able to lose it? huuhuhu...and then i got a message from my officemate telling me that my kit's on my desk. argh! wth! was i really that outta my head yesterday that i went home without my kit in tote? oh least i didn't lose it after all. yey!

anyways, the MAC masterclass is really informative. Mikee showed us how to transform a prime look into a more polished look and later to a "runway" look. i'll post pics as soon i got them from my fairy godmother of the day, Phoebe. hehehe

yep, she's indeed an angel here on earth. here's what she gave me when she joined us today in our masterclass:

Light Reflective Lotion from Artistry

(an illuminizer which you can wear alone or mix with your foundation...what's great about it is that it has spf and has a pinkish tint on it.)

thanks again, phoebs! :)

and of course, we can't resist but to get items from MAC since we know we can use it anyways in class or on ourselves...personal use, right sophie!?


Lipgloss in Oversexed, Lipsticks in Peachstock, Up the Amp, Creme de la Femme and Viva Glam V, eyeshadow in Cumulus, 252 brush, another Pro-palette (uh-oh this means trouble!), Prep and Prime Skin Refine Treatment (for targeted areas), Prep and Prime for the face, Moisture Fix+ and Paintpot in Perky.

take note that i specified "trouble" when i mentioned the pro-palette. trouble because it means i would need to get more eyeshadows! oh yeah....i'm in big trouble! but good thing, accompanying Sophie to get have a haircut saved me from buying more MAC eyeshadows.

see what i got myself from PCX GB3:

garnier lotion, VS cologne in Sweet Temptation and a lot of Inuovi eyeshadows!


and what's great about is aside from its being pigmented is that, it can fit into my MAC pro palette!


and now my Modest Tone and Rice Paper eyeshadows aren't homeless anymore...

my new eyeshadow in Cumulus joined my new palette! but i am still 2 eyeshadows short...hmmm.

i went home tired...full (ate like there's no tomorrow with Phoebe and Sophie at EBUN...again!) and sleepy, but i was too excited to depot my eyeshadows and re-arrange my stuffs in my traincases.


but being a schizo that i am, i'm feeling kinda sad today because....well, this isn't my emo blog. but i'll tell you anyways.... a separate post!

oh, here's the lipsticks' swatches:

now i'm thinking if i can ever get to use Up the's purple! and i look weird when i tried it on. heehe...


EDIT: here's Phoebe's post bout our MAC Masterclass...thanks again phoebs!


Lily said...

ooh creme de la femme looks good! i hate when i misplace my stuff! i'm so robotic that i can't believe i actually misplace things and when i do, i get so frustrated at myself lol. i'm glad you found your kit though! i'd hate to lose any kind of make up :(

Cristina said...

At least your makeup kit is not missing :)

How is Peachstock and Viva Glam V? I am so tempted to get the lippies hahaha

AskMeWhats said...

i'm sorry about the misplaced kit but at least it wasnt' lost! grabe katakot if its gone!!!

Gosh I missed your posts...and i'm happy to see you posting again!!!! You were able to find e/s that can fit MAC pro palette! YAY!!! Nice of sophie for the gift and yes, I believe you are nice kc :)

How's the Inuovi e/s? I never heard of much is it each? PCX lang available?

Cant' wait for more photos :)

Iambrigitte said...

hi lily yep, creme de la femme looks really nice. i know i tend to buy lipsticks of the same shades, mostly pinks but i can't resist this one. it's really nice and can be worn when i have strong eye makeup on. i am so relieved that i found my can't imagine how devastated i looked yesterday trying to turn the entire house upside down looking for it.

hiyee crissy peachstock is nudish..but well, i'm not really fond of wearing bright shade of l/s since my eyes are uber bright na. glam v is really, really nice. (enabler mode on) there are other nice shades of viva glam but the others are kinda bright na. they say this is jlo-ish

hahhaa yep nikki as in super badtrip ako yesterday morning. i was cursing and throwing stuffs everywhere. dang, i'd rather lose my celfone but not that kit.

i've been kinda MIA for awhile. naglilipat kasi and well, i stay in the office until lunch time so super ngarag once i get home.

the inuovi e/s are nice. they sell for P485 but they are on 70% sale! i was doubtful pa nga but i tried them and they are really pigmented esp when wet. nag-uubos na lang sila ng stocks since magpupull out na dito yung supplier. they are like cinema secrets daw...and promise, the colors are really nice. i should've gotten 12 nga sana, ayan kulang tuloy palette ko ng 2.

Shen said...

I'm sooo like that. i keep misplacing stuff that i though i dropped my phone and the whole time it was at home! lol!

love the loot!!!

Phoebe said...

You're welcome :)

Gracie said...

Oh no! That happened to me all the time. I'm really really bad with my keys and my boyfriend keeps nagging at me for not keeping them in one place. Saturday, last week, I left my purse at home and I was confident that I left in on my computer desk. Went out for lunch, shop for Shu Uemura make up where I realized that I left my purse then went to watch SATC and hang around bars for a few drink. I didn't even think of looking for my purse until Sunday morning and I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere, even emptied my laundry basket. I've started perspiring and shaking because I had my atm card, credit cards, store cards, Boots advantage cards (With over £70 worth of points in it)... and other precious positions. I was just about to cancel my cards when I've decided to check my drawers where I place my tops and there it was! My boyfriend gave me a tight hug with sympathy... I was nearly in tears.

Anyway! I'm loving your hauls as usual! Bloody marvelous!

jing said...

Glad you found the kit! I'm kinda surprised how can a m/u addict can forget her kit. Nice haul, I got peachstock too. I think it completed my needs for nude colors. Time to move on pinks, reds and oranges!

Liz said...

wow! what a loot! :-)

i hardly buy cosmetics for my personal use these days. huhuhu!

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Just realized what I've written there Jheng. I meant to say 'my precious possessions' ha ha ha! I'm being blonde again ha ha ha! :P

Anonymous said...

i think i saw you on saturday standing by the greenbelt parking loop/ramp or whatever you call it. were you in a miniskirt? hehehe.

see you're famous now!

i've been lurking around here for a couple of weeks now, and enjoy your posts! ;)


Alice @Ogni cosa bella รจ viola said...

I have the same problem...i love m.a.c. eyeshadows and usually i can't go out without a shopping bag, if i come to the counter with a friend. Last saturday my friend Ilaria said she wanna buy some stuffs. We were near M.A.C. and we came in, my fav make up artist welcomed us and shown some new stuffs, as dazzleglass and neo shi-fi. Ok, i promised don't buy anything...i spent 92 euros (about 180$) for 3 eyeshadows, solar bits pigment and a dazzleglass in baby sparkle.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow MAC porn lol. i am sooo itching to get some MAC! my orders from overseas are still weeks away... *sigh*

Didi said...

I love your loot! I love it! I love it! Inggit akooooooooooo!!

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