Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Labels or Love?

okay, let me get you in on a secret...i was never a fan of this HBO show. well, i got to watch some episodes...i can't say i like it or i don't. maybe because i just dont have an idea what the entire show is all about. all i know is that there are 4 girls, single...who loves labels (prada, gucci, manolo blahnik...name it!) and men! (well not all of them though). these 4 girls have different point of views in life, but one thing that's common in all of them is their love for each other. their friendship can withstand anything...

so when i heard that there would be a movie about this. i got excited for a bit, for at least i could get an overview of the entire story. i even bought DVDs of their HBO episodes...but most of the episodes i've watched would left me with the question: is love really non-existent nowadays? how come having sex with different men looks like its just normal nowadays (well at least in the episodes i was able to watch)? and how come, LOVE is something they are scared of? well, i am such a hopeless romantic biatch and hmmm, i still believe in love. i might have fallen flat on my face for quite a lot of times already but loving is something i wouldn't be afraid of. i will take the risks, no matter how scary it might be...because well, like many (?) of other people out there, i also want to have that somebody to have and to hold (geesh, mushy)

after our makeup class and lunch, me and the girls decided to watch this movie. i was actually scared at first that i might not be able to familiarize myself with the characters aside from the 4 girls. i didn't know that Charlotte got married already, Samantha has a steady man in her life and that Miranda has been married with a kid too...and lastly, i didn't know that finally, Carrie and Mr. Big has been together for some time now. i was tempted to ask the girls beside me as to who that person is and what's his role, but i remained seated and enjoyed my popcorn instead. :)

this is one chick flick...but i tell you, this is one movie where almost everybody can relate. there might have been some instances in our lives where we played as one of those 4 girls in the movie. the movie isn't shallow, in fact, i got teary-eyed already during its first 30 minutes.

i can hear the ohhs and ahhhs of some people in the theater each time the girls would strut their designers clothes, bags and shoes. OMG! that $525 pair of shoes, i can't still take it off my mind. not because i want it but because i can never imagine myself getting myself not even i have lots of money to spend (if it's makeup, then why not!?) but well, the girls really look good in everything. i just love how sophisticated they look and act, even though they are talking about SEX.

I was totally heartbroken with Carrie's story (okay, no spoilers here). i can say that i was able to relate...but everybody had a happy ending. my jaw really hurt from trying to keep myself from crying...but at the end, it's really a feel-good movie.

there's one thing i've learned in this movie...friends will always be friends. they will never leave you no matter what. even if it means going to an unfamiliar place, trying not to eat foods and drink water that you may think unsafe and even poo-ing in your pants just to make your girl friend feel that you're with her no matter what.
and that's one thing i was guilty of...when i am inlove or in a relationship, i tend to forget my friends. i tend to just focus on my relationship with my guy and keep my distance from them. not because i no longer want to be with them...but just because i want to make my guy feel that he's the one who matters the most to me.
i had learned my lesson though. there were quite a few times in my life when my relationship with a guy went on a turmoil and yet, my friends will always be there to be with me. there were times when i even had to give a lot of excuses so i can miss going out with them and just be with my guy. but there was never a time, when i was down and i called them up, and they didn't go to me to comfort me and make me feel that i am not alone.
so yes...this movie is for all those women out there who are looking for love, and for those who are not. the movie isn't about SEX and men...this movie is about friendship among 4 girls with different point of views in life and yet, were able to withstand every obstacles in their life together.

if you haven't watched this yet...you are missing a lot! so go get your girl friends and watch!

labels or love? hmmm...i already have the latter. so i'd go for the LABELS! tee-hee

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Shen said...

i watched this film with the bf. he wasn't really bored so i'm happy (we watched indiana jones before SATC) and i must say that he looks sleepier in IJ instead of this movie. isn't hilarious! i miss my gays friends! :) R said he can see buying more of what carrie has and i do believe that you and i need a little more room for our make-up! :) i also wrote a rev on this movie! :)

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