Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LCI Session 2: Prime Look Evaluation

I've never been that excited and anxious at the same time every Saturday. Excited because i would get to learn new things...and anxious because we'd be having an evaluation for the previous lesson we had.

Last weekend, we had to be in class at exactly 8am with our models and finish the prime look we've discussed the previous Saturday in 30 minutes. I was so nervous because i myself would take 2hrs to do my makeup...but in the real world, we would need to prep and finish putting on makeup on people for 45 minutes maximum! Damn, that's really hard for me huh!

Anyways, i had with me my model, Anne who happens to be my previous model Cris' cousin. We arrived 5 minutes past 8 so i had to really move fast. Prep the face and put on makeup...with RB (our pretty teacher) walking around observing what we're doing. His silence really made me nervous. I once tried to ask him what he thinks bout my output and she answered back with "you'll know once i'm done with your evaluation later." and he then handed me the evaluation paper where i wrote my name and handed it back to her. She then started putting in grades for blending, choice of colors, etc etc. uh-oh...i was barely breathing!

anyways, here's my before photo of my model, Anne:

and Anne after (of course i need to participate with camwhoring too! lol):

thanks Sophie for taking pics of my model...stupid me forgot my camera after making sure it's fully charged! how retard!

and guess what...i got a perfect score!

we also discussed bout contouring (3D and 5D), practiced 3D contouring on our models and next Sat, we'll have our second evaluation on 5D contouring. I must say that our teacher taught contouring differently. it's not what i've been seeing on tutorials...i am not saying those tutorials aren't correct, just probably everyone has their own technique.

my model Anne got so conscious bout her contoured face that she decided to take it off...while me on the other hand, got way too excited in contouring my nose that i forgot to blend.

with our pretty teacher RB

more pictures inside the classroom:

Les and her model

Sophie and her model, Tin

Martin and his model

pictures taken during lunch at EBUN, Greenbelt 3:

(nevermind the legs, err i mean arms!)

and here's me when hungry:

again, thanks Sophie for the pics!

see you next Sat! ;)


AskMeWhats said...

awww dear! I saw your photos na sa beautynomics!!! love your make over!!! all of you did a great job!!! ang galing ni RB ha? or ang galing ng mga students talaga! learning so fast! just 2nd class and it's "that" beautiful na :)

Iambrigitte said...

ahhehehe..thanks sis. i am really looking forward to using colored e/s na. those with 3,4 or 5 shades. youknow how i hate neutrals or barely there look when it comes to eye makeup. sa tingin ko i won't be doing good in bridal looks...unless the bride wants to be with mega-colorful-to the max smokey eyes look! hahahhaa

Liz said...

i am so happy for you, Sis!!!

you did an awesome job and you look so sunny.

i started as well last Monday. and it was fuuuuuun! :-)

Gracie said...

Wow! Job well done, sis! Awww.... I'm jealous now as you get to play like a pro. However... watch it! When your course is over, you'll miss it :P... Ha ha ha! I know, I'm just jealous and I'm not even trying to hide it ha ha ha!

Iambrigitte said...

i'm excited to hear from you too sis lizz as to how your class is going..i was practically drooling when i saw your school stuffs!

thanks sis gracie..actually just thnking bout it makes me sad na..i don't want my classes to end. i wish i have endless moolah so i can just go to makeup school anytime!

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