Monday, June 2, 2008


uh-oh...not again. makeup school's really burning a hole in my pocket so i really need to stop buying stuffs. but hey, most of these stuffs are actually needed...and the mineral haul would probably be my last (well, hopefully).

so let me just give you a peek of my loot for this week...

my Beauty From the Earth loot that took more than a month to get here:

eye pigments


and a sweet note from Crystal

Apparently, my stuff from them got lost (or whatever). i emailed them about it and they sent me another set. yay! love their customer service. but i'm still wondering what happened with the first shipment. hmmm...

my JOPPA loot:

i got the full size of Light #1 and i think i got a wrong shade again. arrrghhh! their foundations are really pinkish..i should have gotten their foundation in lightest #3 instead? any joppa users out there? can you help me with my shade? puh-leaaseeeee.... (sniff)

some freebies:

my Silk Naturals loot from Jamie:

eyeshadow foiling brush and a full size pot of Unblush redness corrector

i felt so envious after reading Christiana's review about the brush so i had to get one! hehehe

and a freebie, also from Jamie (Luscious):

now, i want a full-sized pot of this foundation too! :)

last Saturday, after our makeup class and and the girls went to Beauty Bar to check out some stuffs. I already ran out of my brush cleaner (Beauty Bar brand) so i had to get one. I use this to clean my eye brushes before using them (in case i didn't clean them after using) because it helps the brush to dry faster. I still have the home made brush cleaner, which i use twice a week to thoroughly clean all my brushes.

and yep, another blush brush. because i got so frustrated with....ehem, let me keep it as a secret for now. i'll spill the beans soon ;)

and when was the last time i bought clothes? eversince i got addicted to makeup, i stopped buying clothes. I am just a jeans and shirt-kind of girl so i tend to buy shirts a lot (sometimes, same design in different colors..hehehe). so last saturday, after a movie with the girls, i met X for dinner but we did some shopping first:

yep, i love Mossimo!

i love it so much that the next day, i got myself another pair of jeans:

and a black pair of slacks too! it's been a while since i last wore slacks because we are just in our casuals in the office. but i need a couple of black pair of pants (or slacks) for OJT in MAC.

wooo-hooo, i'm excited!

so there. i am quite sure i'd be on a longer shopping hiatus (except for stuffs for school) since i am really getting broke! arrghh..and we still have a long way to go in school. we still have upcoming expenses for our portfolio...and damn, i am drooling over that Krayolan makeup palette. shucks!


i need to stay away from the mall....


Gracie said...

Wow! Look who's been busy? Ha ha ha! I love jeans! I live in them! Love your new make up haul too! You get me drooling sis! You've gotta stop! Or maybe not! :P

AskMeWhats said...

You bought this at glorietta? Wow, I was surprised they got a huge sale when I arrived! hehehe sayang talaga I was looking around when I was there, HOPING to see you :) well there's always next time :)

AskMeWhats said...

Yes, before I forget, with your mineral hauls! Do you have to get the package via postal office? Or do they deliver straight to your doorstep? I get so frustrated na kc to keep on going back and forth the postal office :( haaaayyy BTW, your mineral hauls are great!!!! super bright and summer-y

Anonymous said...

Joppa foundies do tend to get pinkish on people without pink undertones, IMO. i tried it also on my sis and she looked like she buffed on blush lol. it didn't made any difference what shade i use, she ended up loving Silk Naturals. so maybe it's best if you email Mary? so she can further advise you what shade could suit you best. ;)

Unknown said...

i love jeans gracie i dont really wear dresses...i feel and look weird in them.

yep nikki sa glorietta. but it's around 8 or 9pm na yata. had to bring home my traincase first. sakit sa likod eh, i should've brought the trolley and not the doctor's bag.
about my mineral hauls naman, i send it to my provincial address. more often than not they deliver it to our house or pag inip na ako pinapakuha ko na lang sa tita ko, nde na gna kami nagbabayad ng P35 eh. hehehe

sis mhean neutral kasi ako so pede ako with pink and yellow undertones. ewan ko ba dito sa joppa lagi akong napepeke sa shades nila. i tried lightest #1 sobrang light naman that i looked like a geisha. light #1 naman is kinda dark pero maybe i'll just mix it with lightest #1.

Shen said...

sis, me too! i forget i need clothes too! hehehe! i go to quiapo for my good but cheap finds and my pants @ st. francis square. :) i don't like buying too much expensive clothes. i'd rather buy expensive dresses like from k & co and the ramp. :) i love the smashbox brush cleaner. its a staple in my kit. :)

Unknown said...

how come dresses dont suit me? i look weird in dresses. boo-hoo. and yep, it's been really a long time since i last bought some clothes. i used to buy from Kamiseta pero ang mahal na nila ano! duh! i can wear anything naman, kahit UKAY pa yan. maybe some time i would go with you to shop for in pants and shirt lang ako eh. teach me how to dress like you!

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