Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my Heatherette Trio 1 eotn....

again, thanks to MHEAN...i now have my first ever collection (ehem, only 1 of the collection, i mean) from Heatherette...the eyeshadow trio 1.
and as promised, here's my eotn...

MAC Heatherette Trio 1
Elianto Gel Liner in Black on the upper lash lines
MAC Technakohl in Phone Number on the water lines
Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Brow Gel in Boy

Monistat as primer
Cinema secrets concealer on the sides of the nose and undereyes
Buff'd Foundation in Lace
EDM Tinted Silk as Finishing Powder
Lauress concealer in Vanilla
EDM Blush in Waffle Cone
MAC Sculpt and Shape to contour nose

Smashbox in Sweet

now i am lemming on Trio 2 and the Hollywood Nights and Melrose Mood lipsticks too!

oh, heatherette...when are you coming over our MAC counter here?



AskMeWhats said...

sis! grabe..you can do MMU and regular e/s look so well!!!! how'd u find putting on e/s using minerals and the regular ones? which one you like better?

Iambrigitte said...

ikaw talaga lab na lab mo ako. heheheh..baka lumaki ulo ko magmukha akong microphone! heheheh joke joke (hugs) honestly, i can easily work with mmu e/s. i really dunno why buy i can blend much easier and i really love the colors. looking at my trio 1 look, i realized i have pigments of the same colors. as for the staying power, as long as i use UDPP there would be no problems for people with oily lids like mine. if ever i will become an MUA talga (as if!) i prefer to use mmu e/s. though my teacher discourages it kasi it's messy daw. but i guess once you get the hang of it wala namang problema. i still use my mmu pigments more often than my pressed e/s.

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha gusto kong makita ang microphone head mo! hahaha well you're lucky, coz i lot of people find it hard to apply MMU especially to other people :) goodluck, hopefully , someday, you'll be my make up artist and use MMu on me ha :) hehehe

Iambrigitte said...

ayun lang..i havent tried putting on mmu e/s on other people aside from my sis and my cousin. minsan nga magtatakas ako talaga ng mmu e/s sa class. sa finals im planning to use mmu e/s kasi they are really vibrant. no need to wet.
and yep i can be your MUA anytime. i am forever your slave. hahahahha

thanks a lot again sis...hugssss

AskMeWhats said...

but its ok daw sis to use MMU? I believe a lot of make up schools really don't encourage students to use it, but for me, whatever you're comfortable with right? aawww...I don't want you to be my slave, ang pretty naman ng slave ko !hahaha

Anonymous said...

hawt hawt hawt! me want trio 2 din! :D i love pigments but not MMU e/s... kasi i got burned with using Joppa e/s eh they are matte! i hate matte e/s. :( maybe i will try another shot with TSS piggies... hmn we'll see. :D

Shen said...

jheng, i do agree! the trio 1 becomes you! :) i knew you'd find same colors on your mmu's. i really often think nakakahinayang. especially now that mmu recreates a lot of popular tradional eyeshadows. :)

mhean, i was surprise myself to see that joppa has matte e/s. but it got me by in Bora since its so handy. you'll definitely love TSS (piggies dating), also pureluxe, MAD and TMM. :) i love them all!

Iambrigitte said...

sis nikki they don't encourage it coz its messy nga daw but heck, i've been using it for quite some time now and i must say i still prefer the mineral pigments. mas mabilis ako magmakeup using them and their colors i really looove. during our finals, i'm gonna use my pigments nga.

sis mhean try other mineral e/s brands. joppa has nice colors pero kakaloka kasi they will turn REALLY MATTE after. i dont like mattes too.

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