Monday, June 23, 2008

my loots for the week....

....when will i ever stop?

but a girl can never have too much makeup, aight!?

anyways, here's my loot for the week.

let's start off with my loot from Landmark:

Fanny Serrano 2-way foundation in Fantasia, Blush brush also from Fanny Serrano and some falsies (which i forgot to bring in class...good thing Sophie gave me a pair, whew!)

nice to be used as bronzer, no? i am not really a fan of bronzers since it makes me look muddy but i just can't pass on this beautiful, shimmery i got it! LOL

my loots from Mhean:

sorry, i forgot the shade of the other one. it looks like MAC Amber Lights, though. thanks again, Mhean!

my MAC loots:

eyeshadow in Pearlescent, Prep and Prime (eye) in Medium, Shadestick in Beige-ing (thanks Phoebe and JV for getting this for me) and MAC 209 brush

eyeshadows in Peppier, Poison Pen, Pen 'N Pink and Nocturnelle, 272 brush and another eye pro-palette

forgot to swatch Pearlescent...ugh!

my MUFE loots:

HD powder (i soooo love this!), Lip Fixer (and this one), Green concealer and Aqua eyes in Black and Silver

like Mhean, i am so tempted to get all the shades of Aqua Eyes liner....hay, i wish i am rich!

and finally, my own Revaleskin:

thanks Phoebe for the great deal! ;)

and again, thanks to my fairygodhotmama Phoebe, for giving me these:

mineral foundations and Nivea tinted moisturizer

i am so loving this brush, phoebs! thanks a in super thanks for being sooo generous!

and last, but not the least:

my CHARM stippling brush (finally)

i should've gotten one a looong time ago. this is one really good coming soon!

thanks to Phoebe and Sophie for stopping me from getting more loots from MAC during MAC Glorietta's bridal kit launch last Saturday. please don't stop reminding me that i am really broke!



AskMeWhats said...

wow I love your hauls! super inggit! and i love MUFE pencils! i wish i'm rich too! hahahha

Anonymous said...

thanks for getting Carbon from me dearie! :-* the MAC Amber Lights dupe is Nichido Golden Frost. :D how are you liking Prep+Prime (eye)??? and how can you compare shadestick from paint pot? which one's easier to use and adheres in e/s better and longer? you got Nocturnelle too! isn't it lovely? :D and you got MUFE liners!!! haha you are hooked too. :P next time i hit MoA, i will get 4 more! :D

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Someone's been raiding the shops again! Love your new loot! Share! Share! Share! Muah!

Shen said...

Great Loots, sis! i soo want Revale too!! after readin it at Phoebe's blog. sigh!

we totally did some "pigil" at the MAC counter! :)

Iambrigitte said...

geesh sis nikki the aqua eyes liner in black still smudges on me. grrrr

hi mhean well i found out that prep and prime eye will still make the eyeshadow crease when used on uber oily lids like mine. but it really neutralizes the lids...i think it will work better on those people na nde oily. maybe i can try putting it on top of UDPP. as for the beige-ing, i havent used it yet...will keep you posted ;)

hiyee gracie...i've been really trying so hard not to get anymore stuffs since i am so damn broke na. but i just cant stop...this is really a disease! hahaha...and girl, u have much more makeup than i do but i would love to share some with you (wink wink)

i haven't been using Revale pa shen since im breaking out na naman because of the stress for the finals. i can hardly breathe this days and i get nightmares na nagkakalat ako sa finals! ghuhuhuhu

AskMeWhats said...

really sis? even with UDPP?

Gracie said...

I have more make up than you? That's rubbish! You can run your own shop with your make up collection ha ha ha!

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