Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I love eyelash curlers...i make sure that my lashes get really curled before i apply my mascara. There are times that my lids would get caught in them (ouch) but i don't mind...as long as i get the curls i want. But the thing is, this shouldn't be the case for my clients. I get so scared when it's time for me to curl their lashes. Some of them have short lashes and it's hard for me to curl them. If ever i'd be able to, it won't be what i've expected them to be. And i hate it... :( i want them to have really nice curls (like mine? lol) but i just suck in using eyelash curles in other people.
So, now i'm considering buying this:

Modelco Lash Wand

Say goodbye to traditional eyelash curlers, and create instant wide-eyed glamour looks with Lash Wand's advanced technology and superior heating mechanism that ensures your eyes will never be pinched again. Light, compact in size, and no bigger than a mascara tube, Lash Wand is a must-have for every beauty junkie's handbag.

To use: Apply a coat of your favorite mascara, turn on Lash Wand and gently fold your lashes back. Hold in place for 15 seconds, then remove to reveal the ultimate eyelash curl. Lash Wand won't overheat even on the highest temperature setting and its battery powered, so you can use it anywhere and anytime - to ensure your look is always eye-catching!

I got one a year ago, but it's a second hand. I am not sure if it's already busted or what...but it seems like it takes years before it gets heated.

To those who have this, would you recommend this to those who hates using eyelash curles on themselves (or clients)? Does this really work? I understand that you would need to apply mascara first before using this, right? Is it really useful, or just a waste of money?

I know this Lash Wand is a cult favorite. but i wouldn't mind getting recos from those who have really used it. Please help me decide...

thanks in advance, dearies!


sab said...

oh. i have this, because i think i'm having way too much time curling my lashes.

when the sales lady put it on me, my lashes lookes really nice, natural even, that's why i ended up buying it. however, putting on myself is harder, i tried only once and my lashes didn't even stayed up. i prolly require more practice.

when it's for your clients, i think this would be okay, but nothing beats an eye lash curler then mascara.

Unknown said...

do you need it??

ok what about ... do really, really, really need it? if you're missing on really then i suggest you not get LOL.

AskMeWhats said...

Someone used a similar thing to me before, and I didn't see any difference, I think because my lashes are too short. Can I give a tip though..if using eyelash curlers pinches your eyes, could you try lifting your eyes with a finger before you press on the curler? My left eye has "extra skin" so even with SHU curler, it pinches on my left eye, and I found this trick that works even to other people.

If you apply to other people, as them to look down, put the curler on the right direction, slowly pull up the eye upward then press :) It works everytime, I hope this helps :)

- Stilettos to Sweets - said...

I have my lashes permed every 3-4 months! Haha! :D Will make a review on that next time.

Anonymous said...

hey! theres a true value in rockwell. :)

and ly-na can be purchased in mercury drugstore :) good luck!

Vanessa M. said...

is this like the spin lash?

Anonymous said...

i have that, girl. :-) along with my 3 other lash curlers.

i love it kasi it can curl stickstraight lashes and I could maneuver it better. and it saves me time. i just need an ample stock of AAA batteries. get the digital kind.

Iambrigitte said...

hi sab yeah, nothing beats the old way...but there are some clients who are scared of the curlash eh..:( and i hate it when i see their lashes na straight lang. feel ko sira ang makeup, arte no!? lol

hahahahha...you are so funny anne but guess what, i bought new batteries and found that my lash wand is still working! yey...

hi nikki i still prefer doing it the old way..but yun nga, there are some clients who hates the lash curler. sometimes they will just ask to have mascara without curling their lashes, and i hate it. i feel like the makeup is so wrong without lashes na tikwas! lol. i do that too...pulling up the upper part of the eye while client's looking down. but it's either they would just say no to that or they would ask me not to take long in doing that. nde ko tuloy makulot ng maayos! hay! lol

wow stilletos.. i want to have mine permed too, but scared if i can maintain it

hi irene thanks for the info! i got lyna from mercury drug pero it's the tube type..not the pot type. :(

it's not like the spin lash vanessa i think the spin lash is used to de-clump your lashes after putting on mascara?

hi bambi oo nga ang lakas sa battery. where can i get the digital kind?

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