Thursday, July 17, 2008

i want...i want...i want!

i haven't gone to the mall for weeks now and haven't done any online shopping as well. (yey, i've been a good girl, phoebe! hehehe) i decided that i'd stop buying makeup for awhile since i have tons already and buy clothes this time. if only i can wear my makeup...i seriously need more clothes now!
but seeing the latest collections from MAC really makes me drool...(ack, to think i've been waiting for Heatherette for months now!)
here's my current lemmings from MAC:
MAC Mineralized e/s from Electroflash collection

Sonic Chic Collection (Gentle, Gleeful and Lovejoy)

weeeeehhh...i promise i'd be a good girl if i get my hands on them. (wipes drool).

how bout you? any current lemmings?

* photos taken from Temptalia. thanks, Christine!


Phoebe said...

Good girl! :) I've got only one lemming o'v the moment: SLEEP! :P

Iambrigitte said...

heheeh bait ko no!? get some sleep phoebs and EAT EAT EAT!

Gracie said...

Jheng! I love them! Are they new? I've never seen them before (or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough ;)) I might nip down to MAC shop on my next pay day ;)

Gracie said...

Yeah, they're new... latest nga eh! Ha ha ha! You see? Not only that I've got selective hearing, I've also got selective vision! Ha ha ha! Anyway, I've gotta jump in the shower now before I get panic galore. Oh no! 3 hours left to get ready... Gracie jumping in the shower.... NOW! Whooops!

Anonymous said...

i want the new blushes!!! ive seen swatches and theyre hella nice!@!-Pau

Shen said...

i'm lemming for the blushes and the higlighter thinggies. but like you i am trying not buy anything at all. my last purchase was last week. no online shopping as well.. just waiting for one more package. after that i don't think i'll shop ever till my bday. we gotta rest this shopping addiction. ;)

how's the MUFE HD Powder for you?

AskMeWhats said...

I am lemming for the Mac SONIC chic blushes!!! The mineralized blushes and they are all OH SO PRETTY!!!!!

Iambrigitte said...

awww gracie you are making me so inggit! i am gonna save up for them now pa lang so i can snag them all. well not really all, lol!

pau really droolworthy!? shucks, i can't wait for that collection to arrive!

yeah same here shen i really need to stop buying muna. i am going to put some of my stuffs on sale na nga para hindi masayang. i honestly think i can't finish them all, baka masira lang. i am so loving the MUFE HD me the flawless look on pics. i use it as my finishing powder for my mineral makeup. i laveeet!

sis nikki super ganda no!? buti na lang wala pa dito. hahahah

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