Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm still alive!

i know i've been MIA for quite a while...sorry for that girls, been busy for our finals last week. and aside from that, i haven't gotten back my internet connection yet (grrr, been more than one week already!) even though they told me it will only take 5 working days to have it transferred to my new place. i still get to connect though but i'm just using my GPRS enabled phone to do so...slow connection and not to mention that it keeps on kicking me out of the network.

anyways, i am finally out of makeup school and i am missing it already. no more saturday classes for me though....geesh, i'm back to my boring weekends....BUT not until this weekend's over because i am to do makeup for a debut this saturday! weeeeeeeehhh, my first ever makeup gig. i am so excited, at the same time nervous because i am to do the makeup for all the members of the "cotillon de honor" including the mother of the debutante. and i'm talking about 20 heads here! dang! i am crossing my fingers that Jamie would be able to help me out on that day, else i'm gonna die! good thing, we'll only be doing the makeup...hairstyling will be done by somebody else. but still, i need to practice applying makeup fast! like 20mins tops! geesh, wish me luck.

anyways, here's some posts about our finals last weekend (thanks Sophie!)
we are still alive
a peek on our finals day

i'll keep you guys updated bout it...and i'll make up for the week that i haven't been blogging.
miss you all!



sab said...

aww! i hope you did well on your exams! good luck on the gig too! :)

AskMeWhats said...

can't wait to hear your stories sis!!! and goodluck with the gig! you always lose confidence, but hey! someone taught me before that being nervous and worried puts out the best in you! You tend to excel because you want to do better :)
hold on tight girl! I'm looking at the world reknown makeup artist! YAY!

Shen said...

I am sure you nailed your exams. :) and soo soo hair that debut will be the hit this weekend coz of your amkeup. :) bo brown-nosing here girl. :) totally love your work. :)

btw, my friends says i didn't look like i had makeup on when i got to the party. :) hehehe! galing mo!

Gracie said...


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