Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LCI Finals day...

whoaaaaa...time flies so fast. i can't believe makeup school's finally over.

we had our finals last Saturday. i was dead tired when i got home, but it was really fun. i wish i can do that all my life....


a sneak peek of what happened last weekend (more photos to follow):

i looking horrible. i'm breaking out, boo-hoo!

me in action....with the POUT!

Sophie and Phoebe (you really pulled off the avant garde look, momma!)

pretty sisters Nana and Tin

Tin, Jamie and Nana

Tin and Jamie

pretty Macon who really pulled off the smokey-eyed look

with JAMIE

(dang, i look like i haven't slept for years!)

and here's an official photo of my Arab bride, JAMIE:

(will post more pics once they are available)

big thanks for all those who helped us on that day:
- my baby Meriecris (also known as DOTA girl) who assisted me and the rest of us

- Strawberry (Sophie's sister) for taking photos
- Phoebe who's a model-art director-MUA-photographer-friend all rolled into one and her darling Jayvee who took photos of us in action

- Randy, our very hardworking and not to mention great, photographer on that day (looking forward to working again with you soon!)
- the rest of our classmates who cheered and supported us and who gave me and Sophie the best memories to remember in our makeup class

- my models: the pretty Nana and her ate Tin who has been so sweet for looking out for us on that day...she made sure i won't skip lunch that she fed me while i was putting on makeup on my model, Angel (i am really thankful that despite your class schedule, you still made time for me and even went back to finish the shoot!), Macon, Brian and Joseph for patiently waiting and being such great guys really crack me up! and last but not the least, to Jamie who came in so early but was the last one to leave as well. i know you were not feeling well that day, but still you made time for me and Sophie.

- and of course, to my darling X, who patiently waited for me to finish. i didn't expect him to come over since i was practically harassing him to at least drop by and cheer me on that day but he said No. i was disappointed actually but i understand that he's not into makeup (i'd kill him if he is!) and he hates waiting. but around 4pm, i saw him looking at the pictures on the classroom wall. he flashed me a smile and patiently (well, not really...he gives me a im-tired-lets-go-home look each time i'd look at him) waited for me to finish and even accompanied us to dinner at GB3. i really appreciate it, Mahal. I'm sorry if i bugged you for days to see me on my finals...i just want you to see how hard i work for my dream, which you helped me to achieve. thanks for always supporting you lots!

- and my family, most especially my mom who i know was cheering for me on that day

- and to GOD, who made all of these things possible

and to you ladies out there, who wished us luck and gave us words of encouragement eversince we started with our classes...thank you for believing in us. (hugs all of you)

** photos pic-napped from Sophie and Phoebe...thanks ladies!


AskMeWhats said...

awww I love your arab bride! Super lovely !I love how you did the eyes and it's super perfect!!!! girl! You're so good na! and it was just like yesterday that you started the class no? Congrats dear *hugs*

Anonymous said...

oh, you do makeup so beautifully :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks sisters! the makeup i did for the arab bride look really drained me. that's why it was the last look that i did for the shoot. good thing jaime's so patient! :) i am already starting to miss our saturday class...but i am to start with hair naman soon!

thanks nikki!

AskMeWhats said...

pero so worth it!!!!!! goodluck!!! you'll be tired na! dire diretso!

Liz said...

congrats, sis!

oh my God! i still have 5 months to go. buti ka pa. haha!

you really did a great job. and you're going to be a great MUA, that's for sure. :-)

am proud of you!

Gracie said...

CONGRATULATIONS SISTER! I've always known you'd enjoy it. It's your passion and I'm so happy for you that you've done it now. Don't forget what I said about your plans of pursuing another course, I meant every word I said. Take care sis... I DO believe in you!

Iambrigitte said...

thanks nikki! ewan ko ba, now that Mr. X is leaving for abroad i feel like i need to exhaust myself else, i'd die..huhuhu. besides i really want to go into hairstyling so when i do makeup most esp for weddings, i can do the hair kahit nung bride lang. the sched for the hairstyling class is just way too tiring for me since its 9am-5pm. so after work, diretso sa class.. boo-hoo..pero konting tyaga lang, besides 4days lang naman.

thanks lizzz! i am so proud of your works too. buti ka pa nga you get to have a lot of shoots already. goodluck and i know you'd finish school in flying colors!

yey, my angel gracie is back. u just dont know how happy i am for people like you...and all others who believe in me. i seriously dont believe in it's really good to be surrounded by people like u. you guys really make me want to strive harder and do good!

AskMeWhats said...

What ??? mr. x is leaving?? *hugs* so sorry to hear that..will it be long term?? how long??? Where? oops..sorry I have to stop myself, i'm asking a lot of questions...sis!! be're right, it's time for you to be busy and time flies so fast he'll come back soon!!!

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