Wednesday, July 2, 2008

meeting fellow beauty bloggers....

what i enjoy about blogging is getting to meet more people (with the same interest as yours) online. it's like having a new circle of friends...or even sisters that i never had. everyday, i go bloghopping to see what these ladies have posted in their blogs. i get to learn more stuffs, and well...sometimes i also get enabled by them when they happen to review really good stuffs.
but i never imagined getting to meet them in person...they are as friendly and supportive as they are online. it was like meeting your favorite actors/actresses in flesh.

with Phoebe of Swipesomegloss
(who also happen to be my fairygodmother too!)

oh, phoebe's really a sweet girl...she just want to strangle my neck in this picture when she learned that i hoarded stuffs from MAC again

NIKKI of Askmewhats

very bubbly as she is online... :) too bad, she's in a hurry to leave...but i'm sure we'll bump into each other soon.
Beautynomics meets Askmewhats

with SHEN of Shensaddiction
our very own kikay lawyer in the making...sweet, bubbly and she doesnt seem to run out of stories to tell. hehehhe...i love this girl, so jhengky in a lot of ways! ;)
she even trusted me to give her a makeover (though she doesnt really need one...)

it's my pleasure to meet you girls...hope to spend more time with you soon!
i am so looking forward to meeting more of you ladies out there...if you happen to see me anywhere, please come up to me and say Hi. i would love to meet you in person... :)
(thanks ladies for the pics!)


sab said...

aww! it's sooo sweet you guys were able to meet each other! :) and i love meeting new people via online too! :)

AskMeWhats said...

sweet! I would love to meet with you soon and have a loooonngggg chat with you!!!! Sis Shen! I haven't met you pa!!! and I would love to meet PHoebe of Swipesomegloss!! Soon!!!!

Iambrigitte said...

hope to meet you soon sab!

sis nikki yeah, let's meet soon...kahit for dinner lang di ba? hehehe. sama ka sab!

AskMeWhats said...

i am game! sab ! tama,..sama ka!!! would love to see everyone soon!

Shen said...

sniff! sniff! ang sweet naman mo jheng! tagos sa heart ko!

oi! anu ba? seryoso?? kelan tayo magkikita??? sa bahay ni jheng o ni phoebe or sophie or nikki. sino ba may pinaka maraming makeup at dun tayo!! wahahaha!! :) joke. syempre dinner para chikahan. tas drinks. tas coffee. tas CR coz malaming mawee-wee tayo!

i'm not making sense na. totohanin na natin to! :) let's meet up pag uwi ni sophie! :)

honestly, jheng, super happy ako nameet ko kayo. to the highest power!

nikki, lalamugin kita pag nakita kita! hehehe!

Shen said...

sab, kala mo ligtas ka. iwan mo work mo at sasama ka din.

Gracie said...

Wow! I' soooo glad you guys have had a great time meeting each other. I'm soooo excited to meet you guys eventually :)

sab said...

aawww! you guys are the sweetest thing! and funny too! :)

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