Sunday, July 6, 2008

my first makeup "gig"

a day after the school finals, i got a message from mom that she was able to book me my first gig. i was excited, but nervous at the same time...i am still yet to overcome being nervous when it comes to putting on makeup on other people and maybe, learn to believe in myself even for just a bit.
i thought i'd only be doing makeup for the debutante and her family (mom, brother and sister) and of course my sister, but when i went home to meet them, i was asked if i can do makeup for the whole cotillon de honor as well. i nearly choked, for that would mean putting on makeup on 21 people (12 girls, 9 boys), but of course, i said yes. LOL we agreed that i'd be just doing the makeup, and another would do the hair. whew!
i immediately thought of getting somebody to help me on that day. somebody i know...somebody i can trust...and somebody i know who could get the job done. i first thought of Sophie, but she was already booked to fly to Singapore. Darn, Sophie...and i thought you're my friend...LOL! kidding... :P and so, i thought of asking Jamie instead. She immediately gave me a positive response and so i felt relieved. for days, i've been thinking about the coming weekend...i was really nervous...terrified but at the same time excited. but i was more nervous than excited :P
and so the day came...21 heads...geesh, is it even possible? Jamie and mom kept on telling me to focus and that everything will be alright. i was counting at first, but after a few more heads, i just lost the number...and continued working. we started around 1:30pm...finished at 6:30. i wanted to jump with joy, but i laid down at first because my back's aching...and then i remember, we had to be there for retouch. yay!
anyways, here's me and jamie working hard:

and here's the two of us after the event:

(we went nuts...who wouldn't be after that long hours of putting on makeup? LOL)

but we were happy that we got the job done...'twas really fun...and memorable for my first makeup "gig" and i bet, Jamie's too!

thanks again Jamie (and the other know who you are :P) for helping me that day. i wouldn't make it without you. hope to see you soon! til next time....muaaahhzz

now, i am looking forward to my next "gig." i can't wait til the next time i'd be able to play with makeup again :)

To the Roquero family and the rest of the members of the cotillon de honor, thank you very much...'twas a pleasure working with you all!

Note: more pics to follow


jing said...

Congratulations on the first gig! You two look like you didn't work at all. Can't wait for the pictures.

Shen said...

Congrats on your first gig! :) i bet you two rocked the event. I didn't know Jamie was an MUA pala. :) galing galing.. both of you are sooo pretty even after the event. :)

AskMeWhats said...

Congrats on the gig! and your first gig is 21 heads? Grabe..i am so proud of yoU!!!! YOu got the speed now girl! *hugs*

Unknown said...

show us some pictures :)!! congratulations on your first gig! woooooow 21 heads?! whatever comes after that will be a breeze for you now! i'm happy for you that you're doing what you've been wanting to do!!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! I told ya you can do it ! ( look ma, I can do it even with my eyes closed! bwahahahaha! ) :) Sorry na! you have pasalubong from me naman :)

dianaoldfield said...

woow!! congrats on your first gig sis jheng!! wwhew 21 heads?!!!

Iambrigitte said...

thanks sisters!
jie jie good thing it isnt obvious..but we were really tired. i was so hungry and really wanted to dance the night away, kaso the crowd's really young..i felt so old. lol

hi shen, jamie has an MUA cousin who tags her along in her makeup gigs. pero jamie admitted that 'twas her first time to really put on full makeup on other ganun karami! good thing she was really poised and focused, else nawala na ako sa sarili ko sa sobrang kaba!

grabe nga sis nikki..i was really counting at firstkung nakailan na...pero after a few more heads, wala na..then when i checked the clock, 'twas almost 630pm and we were almost done! me? mabilis? cguro pero i really hope maayos pa din gawa ko nagmamadali ako. next time ayaw ko na ng ganun karami. but if jamie's gonna be there...why not, coconut!? lol

thanks anne...yep im gonna post more pics, but i am yet to ask permission from the debutante's family. :) mom was the one who took pictures..maybe i can ask some from the family once they get the official photos

sophiiiiaaaaaaa! time wag mo na akong iiwan ha? how's singapore? i bet naghoard ka na naman ng MAC ano? wehehehe...yey, im so excited that u got me MAC full coverage. to yah later! ;)

yup, 21 heads diana kaloka ano!? timeyoko na! lol

Anonymous said...

wow 21 heads for a first gig! well, that means more makeup right??? haha! i am excited to see the fruits of your labor na! pics pics pics! :D am so proud of you sis! ;)

Anonymous said...

No I didn't! :) heeheee :) Miss ya Jheng!

Liz said...

Congrats! OMG, 21 people?!

wow! big time, sis! hahaha! I'm so proud of you, sis!



Gracie said...

Wow! Congratulations sis Jheng! Firts time of everything is always challenging and I'm so proud of you that you did fab on your first make up gig! Amazing! Definitely a certified pro. Well done! Keep up the good work! You could never do anything wrong!

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