Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my new loots...

i have a disease...and it's a disease of getting something from MAC every week. darn, i need to go on a serious rehab...or else, i'll end up eating my makeup stash soon.

Lush Tea Tree Toner, MAC Studio Fix in NC35, Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium (heck, i already have one in Light Medium...i should have bought something darker! l/s in Hug me and Russian Red)

i ought to have the Mineralize Skinfinish replaced by a darker shade, but i got lazy to go back so i just used it anyways...besides, i'm scared to get more once i visit the counter again! at times like these, i need Sophie and Phoebe to be with me...

lipstick swatches:
Hug me and Russian Red

and guess what...i also got my stuffs from the US. Thanks a bunch, Luisa for bringing these home. I was really shocked when i saw the loots and how heavy it is. I must hit my head real hard for asking them to bring these stuffs over. I can just imagine the space it occupied in their luggages. anyways...i am forever indebted to you my dear friend!


all NYX except for the 3 e/s palette on the right side

MY MAC loot:

more wipes, Paint in Still Life and Cleanse off oil

My BEN NYE and La Femme Cream Eyeliners:

yummy colors, eh!?

and geesh, she also got me this:

and this, i am most excited to SEPHORA loot:

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance and my CARGO Blu Ray collection with freebies

now, i seriously need another traincase...

i sooo love my new toys...anybody wants to play with me?
again...thanks LUISA and welcome home!


AskMeWhats said...

sis!!!!!!*aaacccckkk!* You got your NYX loots na! good thing you have a friend who came over, you would wait a lifetime for it to arrive if you ship it here directly!!! can't wait to hear your point of view for all those nyx!!! You haev BEN NYE na!!!! aaaccckk Super inggit!!!! I love all your hauls and yup! indeed, you need a bigger!

Phoebe said...

Return the mineralized nalang for a darker shade ;) I heart that LUSH spritz! No sticky after feel :)

NO COMMENT on your other lootsssss! hahahaha

Iambrigitte said...

i am loving my NYX trios! actually isa palang natry ko. heehhee..i'll post swatches and will do a review soon! grabe Ben Nye is so nice...sobrang pigmented, even mom's drooling over it!

(naku nabasa ng nanay phoebe ko...palo ako!) hehehehhe get na charged water..woot! woot!

Shen said...

ako din! inggit ako!! waaahhh!!! kelan ka free!! use ben nye on me! :) lol! :) this is on my bday list talaga. i must have this!! I really really must! o jheng, you lucky blessed God's little child. kaya be a good girl! :) hehehe!!

so happy for you!! and i'm sooo inggit!!! sobra!!! naiiyak ako! sana mayaman din ako! :) lol!

Gracie said...

Wow! Massive new make up loot! Drool! Ha ha ha! Oh no! I'm still waiting for my NYX from Cherry Culture... Gosh it's taking ages! Perhaps it's time to keep in touch with them. I've used the Lush Tea Tree Water few years ago but didn't work for me. (Yeah, guilty as charged, I also got addicted to Lush and I blame it on the scent of the shop ha ha ha!)

Gracie said...

Oh! At last! You've got yourself a red MAC lippy! Now... When do we get to see you wearing it? NOW! Ha ha ha! Did I sound so pushy sis?

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