Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my new makeup organizer...(sort of)!

...sort of, because they are still messy. LOL

anyways, i wish i can get those really nice stackable organizers (the one with wheels) like most of our fellow bloggers have. i can't seem to find one, and besides, i don't think there's room for it in my little space that i now call home :)

so last week, while looking for some papers at Office Warehouse, i saw a document organizer. i know my papers (from work, bills, and other personal stuffs) need organizing too...but sorry, my makeup comes first. LOL

i know it's intended for documents and other paper stuffs...but, i have a better idea:


i wish it comes in pink...

and now i'm thinking of getting more.

price: P355.00



Shen said...

great idea. :) i found those rolling thingies at hardware store..like those in the salons, handyman i think. it's 2995, if i remember correctly. but bad thing about that is that dusts may settle on the slide drawers since it's not fully covered.

this one, your new organizer, i think is much better in keeping the dusts and dirt from your cosmetics. :)

waaah!! revale!! i want! i want!! hehehe!!

AskMeWhats said...

hahah that is a great idea! But it's obvious that every KIKAY girl would use the "most boring" supplies and turn it into something useful and make-up related! Love this~!!! hahaha and you want more? AACCCKK!!!!

Gracie said...

Oh, cool! What a fantastic idea and why not? With how much we collect make up I think we have to be creative ;)

Hey! I might steal this idea ha ha ha!

Phoebe said...

Get the clear + colored ones from ACE Hardware :) I have it in blue (photo), pink, and teal. ;)

jing said...

Still, a great find though. At least it's stackable, so you can always add more of that same drawer on top.

Vanessa M. said...

that is still very smart of you! we know what your always thinking about! hehe its real cute though! maybe you can decorate it w pink astuff!

Iambrigitte said...

hi shen me wanna get that nga, kaso wla na akong space sa bahay. kaya ok na sa akin to. ehhehe, im gonna paint it pink or whatever..lol
buy revale! yihaaaaaa

yeah nikki i need more. i have lots of MMUs scattered around. i removed my makeups from my traincase for a while since i dont have gigs right now. i want them to be all in my kikay station :) all for personal use! lol

hahahaha...go gracie go!

weeeeeehhhh, will do lola phoebe hey i still owe u ha...and u owe me cupcakes! lol miss ya

yeah jie jie, i think im gonna get 2 more. yay!

hi vanessa yep, will paint it pink or maybe yellow? lol

AskMeWhats said...

hahahh sis jheng! You gave in na!!! for personal use...ALL??? hahahha

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