Saturday, July 19, 2008

my "not-so-colorful" eotn...

(told yah, it isnt so colorful...tee hee)
Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Ben Nye Tangerine on inner half of the lid
Ben Nye Cosmetic Violet on outer half of the lid
Ben Nye Amethyst on the outer-V and contour
Ben Nye Cosmic Blue used as eyeliner on the upper lash lines and outer half of the lower lash lines
Ben Nye Iced Gold as eyeliner on the inner lower lash lines
NYX Trio in Ultra Chic (used middle color for highlight)
Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara in Brown black topped with L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
MUFE Aqua eyes in black on the waterlines

What can i say about my BEN NYE Grand Colour Palette? IT ROCKS! Love, love the colors. You can apply it lightly and just apply more to have brighter, bolder colors. It stays put (well, i've always been using UDPP) but take note that i've used some eyeshadow brands that still creased even with a primer. My only complaint bout this palette is come they don't black!? :)
Have a great weekend, everyone.

p.s. I'm feeling sad again. It's weekend and i'm missing him. I remember when we just used to stay at home and have DVD marathon while pigging out like there's no tomorrow. (sighs) It's been a week since he's been gone and it's getting harder everyday :(
and it seems that the skies are crying with me today...


AskMeWhats said...

no matter how you feel, you still managed to show off a "great wonderful looking" woman! I love the look on you! and ben nye is drool worthy!!!

sis, *hugs*

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, so colourful and creative, I love it!

Shen said...

depression inspires creativity.. so don't worry... everything will fall into place again.. super early pa for you to feel good... ganyan talaga..

loka, naloka ako sa eotn. its so depressing.. you know what? i think it lacks something... hmmm.. what is it.. what is it.. o yeah, color is not enough! di pala pigmented ang ben nye noh? :) hehehehe!!! :) joke!!

love it!!!

x0x0 to you sis.. hope you'll get up in the morning and finally be ok. it kinda hurts to know you're hurting still. :(

sana rich a\tayo para punta tayo Dubai..

Liz said...

gorgeous eye makeup, sis! wow!

anyway, i hope you feel better soon. we are just here for you, okay? *hugs*

Iambrigitte said...

thanks nikki sniff...

thanks gio :)

lukaret ka talga shen! ano, mokap party na. let's set the venue and schedule na. calling sophiaaaaaaaa!

hi there sis lizzz. thanks po. i am really trying to feel better, but i still miss him everyday. every single thing i see reminds me of him. (sigh)

Gracie said...

I love this emu sis! Looks sooo cheerful! Damn! You could never do anything wrong with make up :)

Vanessa M. said...

hehe this is so cute!

Kiara Tesoro said...

where can I get the ben nye palette?

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