Sunday, July 13, 2008

Product Review: Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara (Waterproof)

Plump `em, don't clump `em-whatever the weather! Wateproof VolumeExact's flexible bristles surround-each-lash with microchambers, to plump and separate each individual lash-for volume a whole new way.
available colors: Black, Very Black and Black Brown

I got this mascara 2 months ago (i think) and that was when i was looking for a nice brown mascara. i first got one from Maybelline but when i saw the CoverGirl counter, i knew i just had to check what it has to offer.

What made me decide to get this instead that of Maybelline's was it has a flexible wand. 'twas my first time to encounter such, so the curious me bought this instead.

First, let me tell you that i have straight lashes...not too thick, not too thin. I've always wanted to have curled, thick eyelashes for i know such lashes really open up the eyes. Not having them, i am always in the lookout of really good mascara that will help me attain those drool-worth lashes.

my pre-curled lashes:


after curling:

i remember having really short lashes...but now they look longer. i am not using any lash growth enhancers, maybe they became longer because of too much curling? am i pulling them too hard? lol

and here's my lashes after 2 coats of Covergirl mascara:

do they actually look thicker? i'd like to say they do...but not really much. but what i really like about this mascara is that it doesn't weigh down the curl unlike other mascaras do. my makeup teacher told me that it really depends on how you curl your lashes, if it loses the curl after putting on the mascara, you curled your lashes wrong. but i personally think that some mascaras really tend to pull the curl down. and this mascara doesnt! and it's really waterproof. i've cried, rubbed my eyes and yet, it stays put. i would need to take it off using an eye makeup remover because water is really not enough to wash it off.

i also love the shade i got which is Black looks natural and it matches my brows (after topping my modelco brow shader with MAC Girl Boy). It doesnt clump, and if you are lucky, people would think you're not wearing any mascara...because it gives you clean, naturally curled, thick lashes.

what i dislike about it, is its bulky packaging. also, the first time i've used it, i had some on my upper lids. the wand is flexible and if you're used to stiff wands, you'd have some mascara on your lids. but once you get used to it, everything will be a breeze.

it is also fairly priced (sorry forgot how much, if i remember it costs less than Php600 or $12-13)...some may find it expensive, but for something that really works, i wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks more.
would i ever buy again? Of course...and next time, i'll be getting Very Black as well.
Iamsutil gives this mascara a two thumbs up!


AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis jheng, true, what's stopping me about buying CG Volume Exact because of the wand! I am not keen on using flexible wands as I am SURE it will mess up my eyes! lol but true..It may take time and a whole lot of practice :)

Gracie said...

You've got the most amazing eye lashes sis! Absolutely gorgeous!

Iambrigitte said...

i still mess up at times nikki but it's rare that i find a mascara that wont pull down the curls so im buying this again once mine runs out. i dunno why i tend to buy a lot of mascaras, e madali pa naman tong matuyo.

thanks gracie :)

AskMeWhats said...

me too, there was a time i LIterally throw them when it's their 3rd month na!!! And I even wrote the date i opened the so "OC" right? hahahah mascara really wastes a lot of our money hahaha

Unknown said...

I'm having difficulty using this mascara :(
~Pauline @Kallony

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