Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Product Review: MAC Charged Water

a year ago, i only get to read raves about MAC from other ladies in a forum i frequent. i get amazed on how often and how much they hoard each time they visit the MAC counter. I told myself, i will never try that product...more so, get addicted to it.
now, i am eating my words...lol
i must admit, i am a MAC addict in the making. my first MAC purchase was their 187 brush (which i love, love, love) and i thought i'm gonna stop there. i thought wrong. when i started with my makeup class, i decided to build my stash with MAC items. from their eyecream to their primers, even up to their makeup fixers and their makeup remover...i am so inlove with MAC.
okay, enough.
i first encountered MAC Charged Water when we had our MAC masterclass at MAC Glorietta. I saw Mikee spritzing it onto Kang's face. I was intrigued...that i immediately called my beloved MAC mua and asked him to reserve one for me.
MAC says:
Charged water, fused with vital ions from a diamond and instilled with a spirit-lifting therapeutic aroma, then delivered to the skin in the soothing aura of a revitalizing hydrating mist. Like its source – a diamond – on application it makes the skin feel clear, sparkling, pure and energized. Its aroma, a blend of green tea and citrus.
Iamsutil says:
I soooo love its scent. It's relaxing and a few spritzes keeps me awake during my nighttime job. I also use this to moisturize my face when i am too lazy to grab my moisturizer. I even use this on my clients/models when i deem that they won't need a moisturizer because they already have an uber oily face like mine. I also use this to set my makeup... and spritz a few more each time i would need to feel refreshed.
I love its packaging...no more incidents of misplaced lids (which happens when i'm using a different brand of moisture mist)...and most of all i love the way it gives you a freshly-applied-makeup look after spritzing it onto your face. I am addicted to it that i don't leave the house without it in my bag. Once, i even forgot to bring my kikay kit and i didn't care...because i have my beloved charged water with me. There was once incident that i thought i've lost it...i went nuts and immediately went to MAC counter, only to find out it's out of stock...and i tell you, i went crazy all the more. LOL...i'm gonna get more once it becomes available again. (wink wink)
Price: P1050 for a 100-ml bottle
Will i repurchase? Hell, yes! I am halfway my first bottle and i'm getting two more for backup! This is one MAC product i can't live without.
I think there are 2-3 types of charged water...i'm using the one that's best for oily skins like mine.
Iamsutil gives this product a two-thumbs up!

my bottle of charged water 3 days after i got it...

how about you? what spray mist do you use?

by the way, here's another rave for MAC charged water from our beloved Beautynomist.



Unknown said...

don't drink it now like it's water :).

AskMeWhats said...

LOL anne's comment was funny!!!!

THanks for the review, I got intrigued din!!!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo in my to-buys din! hay, i hate reading blogs... haha! sooo BI!!!

Shen said...

this is like on the near top of my list too! :) but i'm quite well with my Vanilla & Co. Witchhazel beauty tonic. :) i made a video review on that as well. :)

Iambrigitte said...

i wish i can, anne! LOL

i actually like this better than fix+...i find the latter kinda sticky.

Anonymous said...

great product but please be considerate of people who literally cannot afford these products. rich kids are rich kids and they arent all bad - but please don't be innocent of other things that really matters other than make-up. You may be pretty but they can figure who "you" are faster than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

wow anonymous before me, that was the dumbest comment on a review I have ever read??? why are you reading a review on a makeup blog about a product you can't afford anyways??? I am reading it to see what this person feels about it in order to better understand as a makeup artist the experiences i will have with it. This post was clearly made for people in the beauty business and not aimed at kids who can't afford makeup. To the original poster, thank you for your information. From you i learned that this can be used for oily skin as moisturizer and I actually work for MAC. Good job.

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