Tuesday, July 22, 2008

purples...purples and more purpleeeessss!

told yah, i really am running out of color combos...

(yeah, i know my face is whiter than my neck..stupid me forgot to put on powder on my neck. also, im using obagi again so that explains some peeling on my face. and yeah, please excuse the terrible eyebags and line...huhuhu)

Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
NYX Trio in Ultra Chic (used the middle color on the inner 1/3 of the lid)
MAD minerals Desert Rose on the middle lid
Taylormade Sucker on the outer 1/3, outer -V and contour
Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara in Brown black topped with L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
MUFE Aqua eyes in black on the waterlines

Monistat as primer
CinemaSecrets concealer for the undereyes and sides of the nose
Oceanmist Saffron Concealer on the undereyes
MAC Sculpt and Shape
TFS blush in Pastel Pink
MUFE HD as finishing powder


MAC Peachstock topped with MAC lip gellee


Gracie said...

Oh, Jheng! You always look fabulous so don't worry about anything else ha ha ha! I hardly notice them :) I absolutely adore the purple on you!

AskMeWhats said...

yes as what Gracie said, it's not even obvious, so don't worry! You looked great no matter what color you wear. And eventhough you've used purples many times, it came out differently each time :D

jing said...

Prettttty!! Purple looks great on you as well as peachstock! Hey Jheng, how does MUFE HD compare to Super Matte? I'm just as oily as you, no maybe I'm worse. And need something that control oilies well. Super matte works great already though, but if HD is better, then I'll have more reason to try it out.

Vanessa M. said...

i love how you did this look! so pretty!!!!

Iambrigitte said...

thanks gracie u really make me feel good at all times ha! :P

but i wish i can come up with different color combos too nikki :( i really wanna get those rotating color wheels...huhuh

hi jie jie thanks thanks. well, i would say they work well for preventing oilies, but the HD loose powder is really nice for photos. it has the soft focus effect, diminishes lines (except for those terrible undereye lines of mine! ack!) and kinda covers the blemishes. uh-oh...i smell somebody's going to get one! LOL

thanks vanessa :)

Tracy Roa said...

you did a great job with this look! beautiful!

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