Tuesday, July 15, 2008

snacks, anyone?

i've been trying to stay away from junk foods...but sometimes, when i feel down and lonely, i reach for a pack since it seems to quite "cheer" me up.
pathetic? well, i consider it one of my comfort foods at times like this.....(sniff)
last night, i was paying my favorite 7-11 store a visit when i saw this:

aside from i'm a sucker for anything with "pesto," this made me not regret getting it:

hmmm...less evil, eh!?

i know, it kinda looks weird because of the color...but it's yumm! i hope there's more pesto in it though.
how about you..what's your comfort food?


Gracie said...

That looks yummy Jheng! I prefer savoury snacks myself although I feast on chocolates and cakes every now and then.

Iambrigitte said...

i eat almost anything...lol

AskMeWhats said...

just like you, chips are also my comfort food :)

sab said...

i tried their 4 cheese flavor and it's good too! :)

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