Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Stress....

are you the type of person who easily gets stressed? (like me?) or do always go thru a lot everyday that you'd end up stressed at the end of the day?
Too much stress can cause no end of beauty fall-out! your face may erupt in blemishes, your skin may turn splotchy. your neck and shoulders will tighten up so you hunch when you walk, your nails are bitten to little nubs. sleep deprivation seems to have left permanent dark circles under your eyes (ouch!) and your scalp is so dry, you're scratching like a chimp.

Here's how to find relief:

All Wrung Out

to recharge your batteries when energy is low, do what great bathing creatures of the world have done for centuries. take a hot-cold plunge. start with a warm shower, then switch to a burst of cold, then back to really warm. don't overdo it, however; a cycle of one to four rotations is enough. if you are pregnant or have high pressure, don't try this.

Head & Neck Tension

massage your scalp with your fingertips in small, circular motion to relax tension and your skin will glow

Irritated Skin
french women use thermal water on their skin -- with selenium, an anti-inflammatory -- and we should, too.

Low Energy Flow

dry brush your body before you step into the shower in the morning. with a long-handled natural-bristle brush or loofah, brush your legs then arms from the tips of your fingers and toes toward the heart. brush your torso toward the heart, as well, but be gentle with breast are, and avoid the face. your body will tingle slightly, from your revved-up circulation and you'll feel that old get-up-and-go!

Feeling Jumpy?

run your wrist under cold water for a couple of minutes to calm yourself down.

Tied in Knots

even lobsters relax when given a little massage -- their eye stalks go limp! when you can't reach the tight spots on your upper back and shoulders, lie on your back on the floor and roll on top of a rolling pin or a tennis ball until you've untangled the knots.

Big Zits A Comin'

there's nothing like stress to bring on a pimple. if you feel one on the way...before you go to bed, apply a site-specific salicylic acid medication, and, if you're lucky, the pimple will be gone by bugle call.

Brain Drain

lie across your bed and hang your head over the edge. you'll get your blood rushing to your brain (where it should be, anyway!), which stimulate circulation to your skin cells, so that you'll look and feel more awake.

Stress Bites

to keeo from biting your nails, mothers used to tell their children to sit on their hands (LOL). but there are some who seem to need their hands to talk! instead, keep a tube of hand cream in your purse. when you want to bite your nails, apply it, and the taste will act as a deterrent. eventually, you'd be able to condition yourself not to bite those nails.

Raggedy Cuticles

If you have really dry cuticles, which makes them more tempting to bite -- don't! rub them with olive oil (olive contains squalene, which is a great moisturizer) or cuticle cream.

no cuticle cream? grab your lip balm and massage it to your cuticles to soften them and help keep the temptation to bite at bay...but don't use your candy-flavored lip balm, though! LOL


when your skin looks irritated and inflamed, and you see small red blood vessels and bumps that look like pimples, it may be rosacea. see your dermatologist, but in the meantime, drink green tea which helps calm inflammation. and look for skin creams with extracts of green or white tea, licorice (glycyrrhizinate), grapeseed, allantoin, resveratrol from red grapes, zinc, beta hydroxy acids, vitamin K and copper.

Cover Up

to cover rosacea, look for "luminous makeup" (which diffuses light on the surface of the skin) or concealer and foundation with yellow undertones to neutralize the red. use a damp sponge when applying makeup and toss the sponge after each use.


eczema results in dryness, itching, flakeness, redness and occasionally, crusty blisters. look for moisturizers with green tea, shea butter, borage oil, cortisone, jewel-weed or calendula.

* tips from Fast Beauty Fixes

updates + more of my NYX swatches

i did a video for some updates bout me and the continuation of my NYX swatches. for the first one (3 parts-video), click here.

and here's my new video:


makeup time!

so, i stayed in the province for a couple of days to take some rest and at least have some time to shake off all those negative vibes i've been getting for weeks now (lost my job, hard to look for a new one..etc etc). my cousin joined a school contest and good thing i was there to do her makeup (and also on her classmate). they are to present the muslims and yeah, they did trust me to do their makeup for that day LOL.
i really opted for dark eye makeup...good thing they liked it :)

here are some of the pics:

my cousin peng (right side) and her classmate, mikah (left)

with my tita (peng's mom)

yaikss! who the hell is that!? LOL

ahhh...the joys of being a kid.

thanks to my tita for their hair....hihihi.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday greetings...

Dear Phoebe,

God bless you, dear.
And more birthdays, success, love and happiness to come!



a gift from X...

i just sooo love this weekend...i've finally able to get some rest and i've been getting gifts!

this time, from my beloved X...he knows that i'm also addicted to:


do you know that i get to finish this 100ml bottle in less than a month? yup! i am that addicted to this scent...ohh, please next time get me Lacoste Pink, Issey Miyake, and...and...and...LOL! kiddin'

thanks, my mahal! (kisses)

lovely gifts from my ate...

when i started blogging almost a year ago, i didn't imagine that i'd be able to meet people and gain friends. i didn't even expect that people would read my blog! but when i was finally able to read some comments from readers, i realized that i am not actually talking to myself when i write my posts. LOL

i've met some fellow beauty bloggers in person already, and i am still looking forward to meeting more (meet up soon, darlings?). but i am proud and of course, happy to have established friendship with some of those i haven't even met.

one of them is my Ate Gracie, whom i also call Posh and Nikki calls Samantha (viva, SATC girls...LOL!) We have a common friend, Nimfa, but i never imagined that i'll get to talk to her one day. She sent me a message thru friendster asking about makeup...and from then on, we never stopped talking about it. But the thing is, we also talk about our careers, love and everything about life. We've shared secrets, laughed about our mishaps and she'd been there and still is, when i am going thru a hard phase in my so-called life. i sooo love her accent, and her loots never fail to leave me in awe (omg, you have to see her shoes, clothes and makeup!)

the sweetest thing about my ate is sometimes when she sees people, she'd be reminded of me. she never ceases to encourage me to pursue my dreams, and to believe in myself. she laughs at my innocence about some things but never makes me feel stupid (hhhee, remember my Barry M moment?). it's like having an Ate (older sister) since i am the eldest in the family. I am looking forward to meeting her soon...

okay...enough blabbing, no? LOL

let's move on to the gifts my ate sent me a few weeks back. i won't even dare mention the funny story behind the names she put on the recipient (but ate, my mom really got confused! hahaha), it's my fault anyway. I haven't met her, but she knows what i would love to get in the first place:

weee....break down of my gifts:

makeup brushes
i love the color contrast of the handle and the brush hairs. laveeet!

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Ate told me that she gets reminded of me when she sees the eye makeup of the models in this site. So ate, are you trying to remind me now of my Barry M. moment?

Benefit Lemon Aid

I've been wanting to get one of this for quite a long time. And now, i have one! yipeee!

my very own shirt from VWW!

i am so happy and excited with my ate's gifts.

again, thank you very much ATE GRACIE for these lovely gifts. I'll post reviews and pics soon! ;)

Makeup Tricks that erase 10 years....

wanna look (and of course, feel) younger?
Try this simple color and texture changes to look younger...

Erase five years: Put away the shimmer shadow

"As you notice lines around your eyes, avoid frosted or shimmery shadows," says New York makeup artist Troy Surratt. "The sparkle highlights wrinkles and crepey, crinkly skin instead of masking."

Silky, matte shadows blend into your skin and camouflage fine lines. Sweep "a light shade of champagne or peach -- universally flattering colors -- from lash to brow to brighten the whole eye area," Surratt says. This creates a full, youthful eye. But if puffiness, especially on your lids, is your problem, Surratt suggests you use a medium shade such as taupe on the entire eyelid to add depth and create a natural-looking crease.

Erase 10 years: Go glossy

Lips get thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lipstick draw attention to the fine lines around your lips.

"Lipstick usually has a longer wear than gloss," explains celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, but gloss makes lips look more full. She suggests applying lip color, then topping with gloss for a fresh, youthful shine. If your color strays into lines, use a clear wax lip liner, like DuWop Reverse Lipliner ($19,, to keep color from traveling.

Erase 10 years: Balance color with neutrals on your face

Too much of anything is never good -- especially with bright makeup like red lipstick, rosy blush and jewel-toned eyes, which tend to look old, says New York makeup pro Nick Barose.

Color is necessary, but keep it sheer and strategic -- don't wear it all over. Example? If you go with a translucent punchy red or petal pink on your cheeks and lips, keep your eyes neutral to balance it out, Kashuk says. The same rule applies if you want to wear a dramatic eye; keep lips and cheeks neutral. Barose advises avoiding pale nude tones on your lips because it can make your skin look grayish. Use pink neutrals and berries instead.

Erase 10 years: Lighten up on foundation and concealer

It's tempting to spackle coverage on to even skin tone and hide dark circles or problem spots, but cakey makeup can seep into wrinkles and make them look deeper, Barose says. Yet too little coverage can make you look tired.

"Always prep with a moisturizer before applying foundation. The extra bit of moisture helps makeup slide on smoothly and evenly," says Barbie Laurino, a global makeup artist for Laura Mercier.

Ideally, your makeup should allow your natural skin to show through, not blanket it. "To get the lightest, most sheer layer of coverage, use a damp sponge or synthetic brush instead of using your fingers," Kashuk says. These tools control the product so it's not applied too thick. Then, dot concealer on the spots that need extra coverage: under your eyes, around your nose and on any pimples. If you have dark circles under your eyes, avoid yellow-based concealer, which makes skin look green and ashy, Laurino says.

Erase 10 years: Define your eyes with a little liner and fill in your brows

Know how your eyes look when you wake up? Squinty and slightly lower at the corners? While we'd all like to think going natural on our eyes looks fresh and clean, aging eyes will look too tired. A thick streak of liquid liner can make eyes dark and droopy too, Barose explains.

If you must ditch a product, let it be foundation; eyeliner is low-maintenance and high impact.

Liner makes eyes look full and wide open, de-emphasizing any signs of aging. "But dark black liners and mascara make eyes look hard, so consider switching to a subtle brown or brown-black," Surratt says. Use powder eyeliner instead of liquid -- it's a challenge to get a fine line with the liquid and too much can look retro, Barose warns. "Using an angled brush, work the powder liner into your lash line, getting in between all the lashes," Laurino says. It should be visible when your eyes are open.

Next, fill in sparse brows to make them more defined -- it sets off your eyes, Surratt says. It also creates the illusion of lifting by drawing attention up instead of down. Choose a powder color similar to your brows and apply with a small angled brush. Don't make them too drawn on, Barose says -- follow their line, focusing on filling in any gaps, not crafting a new look.

Also, never skip curling your lashes. This allows more light to get to your eyes, making them look brighter and less droopy, Surratt says.

* tips and images from Total Beauty

MMU sampling again???

i know...i's been quite a while since i last ordered mineral makeup online. I think the last one was from Beauty from the Earth? I ordered their 20-pc sampler set because i got enabled by a few bloggers who featured the brand. I like all the colors i got and if only i don't have lots of samples to play with...i would've gotten more. i then promised myself to stop my mmu sampling.

so, what have i been thinking that i again ordered samples and this time from Pure Anada? well, again...i got enabled by the great reviews i've read. tee-hee. i've ordered some foundation samples and of course some blushes, finishers and eyeshadows. I still have a lot of mmu foundation samples i haven't tried, but i guess, the search for an HG foundation just never stops...don't you think so too? ;-)

I've ordered samples of their foundations in Atlantic Bisque, Ivory chinook, Soft Wheat, Golden Harvest and Sunkissed Canadian. I just hope i'd be able to find a match. I can't wait to try my samples...woot!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Autumn Trend Event from the BodyShop...

too bad i'm not coming back until Wednesday (i still wanna have some rest here in the province)...but if you ladies are coming, please be a darling by letting us know what you think about their new collection :)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

nothing...juxt blacktied.

(laughs at my corny title =P )

Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Too Faced Shadow Insurance topped with NYX Jumbo eyeshadow in Horse Radish from lash lines up to the crease
MAC Juxt lid on the lid and inner lower lashlines, MAC Blacktied in outer-V and crease, MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in Black on the waterlines, Revlon liquid liner in Blackest Black on the upper lashlines
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

Monave Caroline
Cargo Blu Ray pressed powder (as finishing powder)
The Face Shop blush in Pastel Pink, MAC Shape and Sculpt


Artdeco lipgloss in #28


i really need to come up with new color combos...

...granting a long time request

i know this has been long overdue...Ate Gracie kept on asking me to try wearing red lipstick, and i always say no. I am really not a lipstick person, for i tend to "eat" anything on my lips. if ever i'd wear lipcolor, it'd be in shades of pink and sometimes peach...but not red.
one reason could be, it might be too much on me since i always wear bold eye makeup. secondly, i dunno. i really think i look (more) bitchy when im wearing red lipsticks. LOL. people, especially X, hates to see me wearing such color on my lips. and it just doesnt look good on me...i've been trying, i swear. :)

but yeah, this is the first time i'd be posting a look wearing red lipstick.

(okay, i've camwhored too much...LOL)

so what do you think? does red suit me? i was wearing neutrals that time (CS neutral palette) and when i got home i decided to experiment and finally grant those who have been requesting this. I was wearing MAC lipstick in Russian Red. I am not sure if this shade of red suits me or if i am to get/try other shades.

and with my braces, it just look a lot more awful, no?

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