Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another attempt on hairstyling...

i am so darn sleepy, and yet, i can't seem to fly myself away to dreamland. i saw LOVELY sitting on top of my TV again, and whoa! i figured that i might as well put my supposedly "sleep time" to good use. so i got my curling iron (i was actually scared that i might burn her hair though) and practice on her.

i know...the curls are on different directions. hehhehe...i was watching TV while doing this that i wasn't really concentrating on what i'm doing (ugh, enough excuses...just admit that you suck. wehhee)

but honestly, 'twas really hard. her hair just won't behave. I tried not to pull her hair too much coz like what i've mentioned before, she has a bad case of hair fall problem. :P

i have no hair accessories with me, but this i've found:

I've also tried the tutorial made by fafinettex3 on Youtube (Jessica Alba inspired updo) and she really did a great job. Believe me, i've watched the video and was really amazed on how she was able to come up with the same updo as Jessica's...while my version on the other hand, is no way similar to hers. hehehehe..

anyways, here's the inspiration:

and my version (please don't laugh too much..okie?)

okay, you can all stop laughing now :P i've watched the tutorial at the office, and didn't even bother to look at it again while attempting to re-do it. when i've watched the video again, i was laughing so hard because there's no way my version can be like that of jessica's (or fafinettex3's). hhehhee, i should've not mentioned where i got the idea though. LOL

and yeah, those tiny weeny sparkles are hair clips i've managed to find from my stuffs. eversince i cut my hair short, i've practically got rid of all my hair clips.

oh time, i really need to concentrate and follow instructions.



Tracy Roa said...

You did a pretty decent job for being so sleepy. LoL. I can't style someone else's hair at all, and I can barely do my own.

sab said...

this is pure talent woman! wow! you're really really good! :)

AskMeWhats said...

girl! it isn't jessica alba because your doll looks scary! hahaha but the hair! you got the point! it is lovely!!! sis, with real hair! I'm sure you'll do it really jessica alba look!!! LOVE IT!

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