Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad Hair Days?

All of a sudden, your hair has gone from glossy to greasy. And if you've colored it, it may feel as dry as a straw. No matter how many gels, mousses, creams or conditioners you buy, no matter how much time you spend in the bathroom with your blow dryer, your hair still doesn't look like you want it to look. And you'd end up tying it up in a pony or sometimes, covering it up with a bandanna or worse, just leave it as it is.

Here are some tips for some of our bad hair day problems:

Baby Fine blues

To give your baby-fine hair more body, reverse the natural order: condition first and then shampoo.

Oily Roots
Mix equal amounts of water and alcohol-free toner in a spray bottle, shake it to blend and spritz on your roots. Then blow dry.

Oily Hair

Tea tree oil (or rosemary) shampoo will help absorb excess oil. Or, mix a tiny drop of tea tree oil - a great natural astringent into a palmful of your usual shampoo, then wash.

Greasy Roots

Massage a half-teaspoon of baby powder or corn starch into your roots, turn your hair upside down and fluff the roots. (These will blend in better if your hair is blond. If your hair is brown, use a bit of bronzing powder instead). I believe there are available products like these in the market. A powder which you can use for your hair. I think you can go to Vanessa's site where she featured a product that you can use in between washings (or when your hair gets really greasy and no time to shampoo). For that, please click here.

Oil-proof your hair

Use a gentle, everyday shampoo formulated for oily hair. Rather than massage your scalp, press it with the flat part of your fingers. Ditto for combing and brushing -- don't rub the scalp too vigorously, or you'll stimulate the glands to produce more oil.

TIP: Use citrus shampoos with orange or lemon

Suddenly Greasy?

If you're recently started using a medicated shampoo for dandruff or greasiness -- stop. these can overdry the scalp long enough for it to start oversecreting oil again, making your hair even greasier. After shampooing, rinse with a cup of peppermint tea, which has steeped until strong and cooled. Leave it in, do not rinse out. Style hair as usual.

Smelly hair

To get rid of gross smells that have attached themselves to your hair (like stinky food or cigarette smoke), wipe a fabric softener sheet like Bounce through your hair. It will absorb the odor and leave your hair stink-free. For us ladies here in the Philippines, i believe Bench have a product that you can spray on to your hair to give that fresh smelling scent.

Tangled Up

If your hair tends to tangle, condition it in the shower. Let the conditioner soak in for a minute while you wash your body. Then comb through your hair -- while still in the shower -- with a wide toothed comb, then rinse.

Fright Night Hair

If your hair is standing on end, take a dab of moisturizing lotion or lip balm on your palms and run it through the ends of your hair. Or, run a sheet of fabric softener through staticky hair. Or spray Static Guard on your hairbrush or inside your hat.

Staticky Stuff

Blot your hair dry with a towel after you shampoo and before you condition. Your hair will absorb the conditioner better, which will protect it from static.


Spray your hair with a flexible hold or non-aerosol pump hair spray, and run a shaving brush or natural bristle makeup brush over your hair to smooth. Or, try a wax based hair spray. These work like pomade, but because they spray on, they are distributed lightly and dont weigh the hair down.

Stiff Brush

Overbrushing leads to staticky hair, and a cheap new brush with really stiff bristles can rough up your hair and really create static. Heat the bristles with your blow dryer to soften them, then brush.

Too much gel?

If you've put on too much gel and have no time to wash it out, run a towel over your hair a couple of times

Frizzy hair?

If your curly hair is prone to frizz, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. To minimize frizz when styling, run a styling cream through damp hair.
*tips taken from Fast Beauty Fixes


AskMeWhats said...

YOu know what sis? I do the tip wherein you do conditioning first, then shampoo! Those are the days that I have super dry hair! And what I do is Conditioner - Shampoo - Conditioner again...that's why I always used up my conditioner first!

I love reading your tips! :) keep 'em coming sis!

Iambrigitte said...

hehehe, i might try that sometimes too! lalo na when i just colored my hair, it really becomes dry for a couple of days. hehehehe...more tips coming of course...have a great day ;)

Tracy Roa said...

Great tips, Jheng! My hair is super thin and dry, but I've actually stopped using conditioner b/c my derm said it might be the one causing breakouts on my hairline. Boo. I use a deep conditioner once a week, though, so I'll try the tip on using it before shampoo.

Iambrigitte said...

go tracy! i have super fine hair babyhair-fine and it's really straight. i want curls :(

Iambrigitte said...

go tracy! i have super fine hair babyhair-fine and it's really straight. i want curls :(

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