Friday, August 1, 2008 clothes and shoes!'s been a while since i last shopped for clothes. i've been buying so much makeup lately that i was really surprised when one day, i couldn't get anything from the closet that would fit me. argggh, i've gained weight...a lot, actually!
and since i am broke...i didnt end up buying branded clothes. good thing after the interview, i saw this "tiangge" along Ayala...i went in and snagged a few stuffs:

light blue tube dress, green shirt dress with hood and black bolero

(i am getting fond of wearing dresses lately though i tend to look a lot shorter in it...its just that i get too lazy to dress up during weekends that i prefer something that can easily be worn.)

my new uniform...6 shirts, 2 vests and a pair of shorts

(i tend to get all the colors once i find something i really like...)

and guess what, i also saw SCHU factory outlet just beside the tiangge...they sell shoes at a very low price. too bad, they only have a few of my size :(

i know...i should be wearing heels instead of flats..but first, they no longer have my size and second, i prefer flats...easier for me to walk and run if i need to... :)
next, camwhoring..LOL

i know...i have enormous logs...i mean legs! LOL


AskMeWhats said...

yay to modelling! love all your outfits! bagay sayo !

Gracie said...

Stunning new outfit sis! Shall we go around shopping one day?

ticklemeice said...

girl, in ayala is this tiangge located? Is that the payday bazaar near PBCom? :) I would love to check out the Schu sale, too.. Thanks

Iambrigitte said...

yep ticklemeice :) hope to bump at you there one time :)

Iambrigitte said...

yep ticklemeice :) hope to bump at you there one time :)

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