Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Makeup Tricks that erase 10 years....

wanna look (and of course, feel) younger?
Try this simple color and texture changes to look younger...

Erase five years: Put away the shimmer shadow

"As you notice lines around your eyes, avoid frosted or shimmery shadows," says New York makeup artist Troy Surratt. "The sparkle highlights wrinkles and crepey, crinkly skin instead of masking."

Silky, matte shadows blend into your skin and camouflage fine lines. Sweep "a light shade of champagne or peach -- universally flattering colors -- from lash to brow to brighten the whole eye area," Surratt says. This creates a full, youthful eye. But if puffiness, especially on your lids, is your problem, Surratt suggests you use a medium shade such as taupe on the entire eyelid to add depth and create a natural-looking crease.

Erase 10 years: Go glossy

Lips get thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lipstick draw attention to the fine lines around your lips.

"Lipstick usually has a longer wear than gloss," explains celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, but gloss makes lips look more full. She suggests applying lip color, then topping with gloss for a fresh, youthful shine. If your color strays into lines, use a clear wax lip liner, like DuWop Reverse Lipliner ($19, sephora.com), to keep color from traveling.

Erase 10 years: Balance color with neutrals on your face

Too much of anything is never good -- especially with bright makeup like red lipstick, rosy blush and jewel-toned eyes, which tend to look old, says New York makeup pro Nick Barose.

Color is necessary, but keep it sheer and strategic -- don't wear it all over. Example? If you go with a translucent punchy red or petal pink on your cheeks and lips, keep your eyes neutral to balance it out, Kashuk says. The same rule applies if you want to wear a dramatic eye; keep lips and cheeks neutral. Barose advises avoiding pale nude tones on your lips because it can make your skin look grayish. Use pink neutrals and berries instead.

Erase 10 years: Lighten up on foundation and concealer

It's tempting to spackle coverage on to even skin tone and hide dark circles or problem spots, but cakey makeup can seep into wrinkles and make them look deeper, Barose says. Yet too little coverage can make you look tired.

"Always prep with a moisturizer before applying foundation. The extra bit of moisture helps makeup slide on smoothly and evenly," says Barbie Laurino, a global makeup artist for Laura Mercier.

Ideally, your makeup should allow your natural skin to show through, not blanket it. "To get the lightest, most sheer layer of coverage, use a damp sponge or synthetic brush instead of using your fingers," Kashuk says. These tools control the product so it's not applied too thick. Then, dot concealer on the spots that need extra coverage: under your eyes, around your nose and on any pimples. If you have dark circles under your eyes, avoid yellow-based concealer, which makes skin look green and ashy, Laurino says.

Erase 10 years: Define your eyes with a little liner and fill in your brows

Know how your eyes look when you wake up? Squinty and slightly lower at the corners? While we'd all like to think going natural on our eyes looks fresh and clean, aging eyes will look too tired. A thick streak of liquid liner can make eyes dark and droopy too, Barose explains.

If you must ditch a product, let it be foundation; eyeliner is low-maintenance and high impact.

Liner makes eyes look full and wide open, de-emphasizing any signs of aging. "But dark black liners and mascara make eyes look hard, so consider switching to a subtle brown or brown-black," Surratt says. Use powder eyeliner instead of liquid -- it's a challenge to get a fine line with the liquid and too much can look retro, Barose warns. "Using an angled brush, work the powder liner into your lash line, getting in between all the lashes," Laurino says. It should be visible when your eyes are open.

Next, fill in sparse brows to make them more defined -- it sets off your eyes, Surratt says. It also creates the illusion of lifting by drawing attention up instead of down. Choose a powder color similar to your brows and apply with a small angled brush. Don't make them too drawn on, Barose says -- follow their line, focusing on filling in any gaps, not crafting a new look.

Also, never skip curling your lashes. This allows more light to get to your eyes, making them look brighter and less droopy, Surratt says.

* tips and images from Total Beauty


AskMeWhats said...

this is very useful indeed especially on those make up for wedding gigs..."moms" of the bride and groom..etc. :)

Anonymous said...

wow very informative! but honestly, i think if i have those wrinkles i will gulp and go under the knife. :D

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