Monday, August 4, 2008

my CS neutral palette...

i know... i know. by this time most of you already know that i am not a fan of neutrals, but yeah...i won't be applying makeup on just myself. i would have clients who'd prefer neutrals and i must admit, i don't have much of those colors.

so it was really a good thing that i've met PAU who loves to hoard (yeah girl, admit it!) online and yet, don't use them so she would eventually end up selling them in such prices that you just can't say NO to. hehehe...i saw her selling her CS neutral palette and i just knew i had to get it instead of waiting Coastalscents to restock and for the item to arrive.

it was really a good buy...and this girl is really nice to deal with. I was actually guilty of delaying (but not intentionally) my purchase, yet she assured me that the item's reserved for me already :)

so last Saturday, i finally got it.

say hello to my new palette:

she even threw in a sample of MAD liner sealant as freebie...yey, thanks PAU!

til next time...(kisses)

(geesh, i forgot to take pics of some swatches...i'll edit this post once i have some)


AskMeWhats said...

LOVE, you know I am in love with neutrals and this is making me salivate! lol goodluck playing with it, and you're right, clients would need that too :)

Unknown said...

im trying to like neutrals too nikki..i know it's gonna be hard but im sure i'll get there. lol

Tracy Roa said...

This is probably the 100th post I've read featuring the neutral palette. Haha. I think it's a sign that I should get one!

Unknown said...

hehe go get one tracy!

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