Friday, August 15, 2008

my mini haul...

so, i came in 3 hours late last night...and got off 2hours earlier. tsk! tsk! :)
i was about to take a cab going home when i remembered that i need to buy some stuffs, and since the malls won't be opened until 10, i decided to go to the nearest Mercury Drug instead.

here's my humble haul for the day:

I was to go home right away when it started raining so hard...had no choice but to stay inside the store, but i got bored so i got out and went inside Mcdo (next door to Mercury Drug) and feasted on some fries and sundae.

hehehe...healthy breakfast, no?

anyways, i've recorded a 2-part video (sorry, i've been talking too much) bout my haul. ehhehe, i can be oh-so talkative...but yeah, i still kept on messing up in the video.

so if you haven't got enough of me for today, click here for my vblog. :)

tata...i'm off to bed now!

TC, everyone..


AskMeWhats said...

aaawww sis, you are so cute! hehehhe I watched your vlog and do more!!! :D I love your hauls, I love even mercury too! I usually go there when our office was still at Makati! I could have seen you from the past but probably didn't know you pa! :) heheh happy weekend sis!

Tracy Roa said...

Great videos! You are so cute!

Iambrigitte said...

hehehe Mercury Drug is like a place where i go to if i want to de-stress and the malls arent open yet...i enjoy browsing thru their stalls just looking for anything.
happy weekend to you too, sis!

thanks tracy...i was laughing at myself actually when i watch my own videos. lol
happy weekend dear!

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