Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my new 'do...

nahhh....just kidding. I was just playing with my new curling iron. But i swear, once i'm able to grow my hair longer, i'm gonna get some soft curls! Mark my word! :P

(hopefully, X won't be able to read this)

(and yeah, i had no idea how to use it....must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!)

I figured that i would need this in case a client would also want to have her hair done like some soft curls or something, at least i'd be able to do it as well. I've always wanted to do hair too. Someday, i would also study haircutting, coloring and perming...but i would need to study hair upstyling first. hehehe (so many things to do, so little time and money..LOL)

I would have to use LOVELY to practice curling...i've spent some time last night watching tutorials on youtube. I'll practice when i get the chance.

I went to an interview yesterday (again...whew...i hate going to interviews, really) and after 3 grueling hours of a panel interview, i decided to go to the mall and check out some hair tools. I wanted to get a separate hair straightener too (the one which can be used on wet hair) since what i have right now is the cheap one that's not ceramic (bad, i know) but it's so expensive. I wish i'll have another makeup gig soon, and i swear that's the first thing i'm gonna get :)

I got the curling iron for almost Php2500 and it's from Vidal Sassoon. I also got myself a hair conditioning spray to protect the hair from heat (not sure if this would work..any ideas on what should i get, please let me know dearies), my favorite conditioner and some more nichido eyeshadows. I really like these eyeshadows. With a good eye primer on, they stay on me for a long time, they are blendable and applies smoothly.

Deep Mauve, Snow and Electric Pink

(love the colors)
It's funny that i've been trying so hard to stay away from MAC and yet i can't stop buying makeup from other brands :)
Also, when i was checking out some hair tools at Watsons, Makati. Some of the ladies there kept on checking me out. I got really conscious, somehow annoyed since i really don't like people staring at me...most especially when they are whispering at each other while looking at me. I was on the verge of walking out when one of them approached me and said "Hello, ikaw si iamsutil ng abubots di ba?" (Hello, you are Iamsutil of Abubots, right?)
I was really surprised that i wasn't able to answer right away...then one of the salesladies approached us and said "Sabi na nga ba eh, kaya pala familiar ka, ma'am" (See, that's why you look kinda familiar). Then that's the only time i was able to give a nod and a sheepish smile. Whew...and i thought they were making fun of me since my hair's half straight and half curled because i've been trying out the curling irons. Then these ladies told me how they like my blog and even asked me to do some video tutorials for some of my looks. Wow, i was really happy to know that people really get to appreciate what i've been blogging. I feel like i am really gaining more friends thru my blog. I'm really touched :)
To those that i've met yesterday (sorry, can't remember all your names but you know who you are :>) I'll try my best to have video tuts next time. Once again, thanks for taking time to visit my blog. (hugs)
Whew...don't you love blogging, my darlings?


sab said...

wow! celebrity! hahaha! you are right though, blogging is a way to gain new friends. :) it would have been an awesome experience to meet your readers!

Vanessa said...

see? you have readers everywhere! :) keep blogging ms. jheng and more power! thanks for the detailed answers on my email :) *hugs

AskMeWhats said...

FAMOUS SIS!!!! awww....love love the curls!!! And hey don't worry if people stare at you, it's because you are too pretty and worth staring it...if they stared at you and LAUGHED, that's a different story! let me know and I'll punch them! :)

Girl! super bagay the curls! Love it~ you look so different!

Anonymous said...

nice curls for a change, looking real chic :D

Tracy Roa said...

Cute hair! You make me want to try curling mine. I'm tired of my short hair now because I can barely do anything with it.

Ooh, you're famous now! :D

Gracie said...

I thought you look cute in your little curls Jheng :)

Wow! You're becoming more and more famous! I'd like to curl my hair every now and then but I can't seem to do it properly so I just go to the salon whenever I fancy it and save my little arms ha ha ha! Have you seen GHD in the PI? My friends and hairstylist swear on how good their hairstraighteners for creating nice sexy curls. GHD also sells great heat protecting products. I've only have it done on my hair as I'm hopeless having to do it on my own as I've said earlier ;)

lelila said...

hey jheng, still know me? hehe. naks, sikat ka na. lurker lang ako ng blog mo, you're so bubbly magblog kaya nakakaaliw basahin mga entries mo. congrats on being an MUA, may mapapaggamitan ka ng sobrang dami mong make ups hehe.


bagay sayo curly hair, you look younger lalo!

dianaoldfield said...

hahaha.. i remember when you told me that you want curly hair.. actually mas ok ang curls sa 'yo.. you look like goldilocks.. hahaha

Shen said...

wow! this is how shirley temple would look like in ehr teenage years. :) hehe! sobrang okay tong hairdo na to! i asked my tita yet a gain for curling iron. but glad to did this post coz i've been eyeing that curling iron too. :)

alam mo, i'm not surprise na may makakakilala sayo. especially in places like watsons. :) kaw pa! eh you're blog is uber popular. :)

yihee!! na--conscious! :)

congrats sis! :)

Par said...

Ohh you got me there...
Love the curls!

Iambrigitte said...

hi sab honestly i get really nervous and conscious when people stare..feeling ko may dumi ako or ewan sa face. but yeah, it's really fun to meet new friends. when i started blogging, i never expected that people would read it.

no prob vanessa, anytime. i look forward to working with you too! :)

hehehe X told me i look more nene eh, nikki he prefers straight hair. hmp, bahala sha. hehe

thanks prettybeautiful :)

hiyeee tracy i really had a hard time curling mine too...if you've noticed i didn't show what my back looks like. it's because it's straight! lol..nah, not famous. its just that nagkalat face ko sa net. hehehe

hi there gracie nah, haven't seen GDH. but i'd love to have the crimper like that of fafinette in youtube...the one she got from beautychoice.com...looks cool!

hi there lelila kaw ha ngaun ka alng nagparamdam ulit. can i get your email? u know stuffs bout HR di ba? i need help! :( anyways, i want to look more mature and seductive nga sana eh, kaso sabi mo i look younger. wah! lol

hahaha goldilocks? nagutom naman ako diana :P

ahahah nde ako popular shen for all we know, kunsumio na sila at nagkalat face ko online. lol...wag mo kulutin hair mo..sayang!

hi ms._____ 2 be! thanks!:)

Liz said...

i love the hair! so cute..

and wow.. you are famous now. :-) am proud of you.

Anonymous said...

wow getting some love in the limelight! :D that's great, hopefully will spell out more gigs for yah! curls look cute on you! you actually looked younger, usually curls make one look more mature. ;)

yummy411 said...

i love your hair like this!!

yummy411 said...

i submitted my comment too fast before adding--- wow! it's so amazing and such a great feeling, meeting people from your blog!

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