Friday, August 1, 2008

my Pureluxe eotn and Too Faced Shadow Insurance product review...

i've been trying to revisit my mineral eyeshadows which started my eyeshadow addiction almost a year ago. i saw my pureluxe samples again and realized that i've only used them once (if i remember it right) so i decided to give it a try again. and also a chance to again roadtest TFSI...(note that i've been trying this primer for a while now and i've tested it using my MAC, my Ben Nye and now my mineral e/s...)
first, here's my look:

Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Pureluxe e/s in Lemon on the inner half, Iris on the outer half and crease, MAC Shroom to highligt
Shiseido Lash Base topped with MAC Loud Lash Mascara
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack on upper lashlines and smudged on the lower lashlines

Monistat as primer
MUFE Mat Velvet foundation topped with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
Cinemasecrets concealer for the undereyes and sides of the nose
Oceanmist Saffron Concealer on the undereyes
MAC Sculpt and Shape
Red Earth Blush in Tender love

Philosophy lipliner topped with MAC Viva Glam V

after getting addicted to mineral foundations last year, MUFE MAT Velvet was the first non-mmu foundation i've tried and i loved it the first time i used it. no harsh reactions...and really love the finish. but now i honestly think i need a darker shade, no?

anyways, on to my review of TFSI
What it is: An eyeshadow primer guaranteed to go the distance.

What it does: This is your full-coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing, melting, blurring, oil slicked, and hard-to-blend eyeshadow accidents. Our silicone based eyeshadow primer transforms any eyeshadow into a perfectly blendable, color-drenched, intensified version of itself, then locks it down perfectly until you take it off. This soothing formula evens out the skintone on your lids and smoothes lines while securing a barrier between the oils of your skin and your makeup, so no shadow catastrophes will ever happen again.

What else you need to know: Truly versatile, Shadow Insurance can be used with powder or cream eyeshadow products, and it's concentrated: the size of a rain drop covers the entire lid.

This primer is a lot like your skin shade (or maybe mine since we have different skin tones). comparing it to my UDPP which is whiter in color and more pasty, this one can be used as a lid wash to neutralize any eyelid discolorations. Also a little goes a long way.

What i like about this one is the packaging...well, we all know that UDPP has its "secrets." LOLZ. Also, unlike UDPP i didn't have a hard time blending colors with TFSI since it really gives you a smooth base for your eyeshadows.

before i give my final statements bout this product, let me show you my eye makeup after my shift:


yeah my eyeshadow creased on me after a few hours....i've tried TFSI using my other e/s brands but it gave me the same thing. I've tried to apply more, thinking i might have been using too little, but still gave me creasing eyemakeup. boo-hoo. i guess TFSI isnt really for me.

would i repurchase? YES....kiddin'!

I'd buy UDPP instead. :)

I know TFSI works for other please don't rely on my review on it in case you've been itching to get this. Something that works for me may not work for you or vice-versa. This review is purely from my own experience.

so there...i think i'll just have this primer up for grabs.


* product image from Sephora


AskMeWhats said...

hey sis thanks so much for the TFSI review! I am so waiting for it! I have UDPP pa kaya it's good I read your review ...I can't wait to open up my UDPP na :) I love the look you did!

Alice @Ogni cosa bella รจ viola said...

Your review is so helpful, i'm looking for a good primer, cause M.A.C. eye primer is nothing special and i can't find UDPP in Italy. I tought buy Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Benefit Lemon Aid, both don't bring me to buy cause the first one looks a bit greasy and the second one is hard to apply and got a yellow color i don't like at all.
The idea to buy UDPP on ebay prevail upon everything.
Have you ever tested Benefit Lemon Aid, if so, what do you think about?
Thank you.


Tracy Roa said...

I haven't used my minerals in so long, either. The loose shadows are sometimes to much of a hassle. I really like the look you did. Great contrast in colors and awesome blending. Thanks for sharing about TFSI. I've only been using L'Oreal Decrease on occasion, and I've never tried TFSI or UDPP, so this is good to know.

Gracie said...

Hey sis! This is another stunning FOTD! Don't you dare buy Benefit Lemon Aid! Wait for your stuff... you might get it by next Friday or the week after! Ha ha ha! Sorry, did I scare you? I know I sounded like a control freak ha ha ha!!!!

D said...

Hi Sis!!! lovin ur eotd!! thanks for ur review about tfsi i asked my mom to buy it for me pero if nag crease pa din siya, no na lang..udpp na lang. grabe mars..super galing ka na mag muk up!!!!:) take care chikka

Iambrigitte said...

only UDPP works for me nikki, as in 24hrs crease-proof ang makeup ko. some primers work for me too, but still crease after 4 or more hours.

hi Alice same here, MAC prep and prime for the eyes didnt work for me too. or maybe i am just using a lot? they say only a small amount should be used to prevent creasing, but i honestly think it is more for neutralizing the eyelid color. i have Benefit Lemon Aid coming (thanks ate Gracie) so stay tuned for my review on that ;)

wow, is l'oreal working for you tracy? it doesnt work for me eh :( again, i need to put on UDPP beneath for it to work. now im just using it to neutralize my eyelid color too :(

hahahaa..i won't, i'll wait for your gifts! grabe i am soooo excited! thanks thanks a lotttttt (hugs!)

hi dyan grabe ka jan, loka trying hard pa din ako. lol. i would still vouch for in approved!

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