Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nail Care tips...

must.admit. i've been taking my nails for granted for the longest time. i hardly visit a nail salon to have them pampered and i don't have time (yeah, procrastinating again) to do it on my own.
I am also guilty of not taking the vitamins needed for healthier nails, so as expected, i do have brittle nails. good thing, i've stopped my gross habit of biting my nails (ewwww, i know). I used to do that when i'm really getting nervous about i've resorted to just biting my lips. so don't be surprised if sometimes you'd see me with bloody lips (and i'm not talking bout RED lipsticks here), it only means i just came from an interview or i got some news that really made me nervous or tremble like crazy.

anyways, here are some great nail care tips i got from WomanJunction:

1. Do not use nails or blades to remove nail polish use only nail polish remover.

2. Put nail polish in freezer to keep nail polish smooth.

3. To last polish little longer on your nails put little vinegar on your nails before nail polish.

4. Mix white iodine and castor oil in equal amounts and massage cuticles with this. It makes cuticles to stay smooth

5. If you want to dry your polish faster, after it dry ? dip your fingers in cold water.

6. The quick and inexpensive ways to fix your dry, brittle nails apply petroleum jelly. Treating your nails and cuticles with petroleum jelly makes lot of difference. Carry a small tube of petroleum jelly with you for more convenience.

7. File nails beginning on the sides and brushing towards the center, using light strokes in the same direction. This is the best way to file your nails. Do not ever file nails back and forth, it makes nails weaken, or break nails.

8. Mix 1 packet unflavored gelatin with 1 tbsp. Petroleum jelly store in an airtight container at room temperature. Massage into nails daily to help grow them long and strong.

9. Wet finger tips with water and dip them into cornmeal. Massage and rinse with warm water. Buff nails with a nail brush while rinsing to make sure you remove all the cornmeal. Dry thoroughly and apply hand cream.

10. Rub waxy lip balm into brittle nails 3 times a day to protect condition and seal in moistures.

11. Cut nails straight-sided with slightly rounded tips to look fingers longer and more slender. This shape looks very nice on short nails too.

12. Wait for first coat to dry completely before applying another to prevent bubbles in nail polish.

13. Carry a sun cream tube with you and apply when ever you go out.

14. To get glossy, gleaming shine rub olive oil over nails.

15. Almond oil will stop acrylic nails from dehydrating and coming away from the nail plate.

16. Rub a vitamin E capsule on brittle nails as a moisturizer.

17. Use a top coat that contains an ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent pale polish from turning yellow.

18. Make sure to wear a base coat under polish to prevent yellow and stained toe nails.

19. Clean the nails remove all traces of polish from nails.

20. Clean cuticles and push back with cotton-tipped orange stick. Wash hands to remove any traces of cuticle remover.

21. Filing in the corners prevents the nails from being strong; hence never file the nails deep in the corners.

22. Use the pads of the nails for opening things, pulling, picking or opening things. Do not use nails as this might damage the nails.

23. Rub the fingernails from one hand across the other. Do this at least five times daily as this helps in enhancing the nail growth.

24. Consume food that is rich in Vitamin B, potassium, iron and calcium, such as soy products, celery, eggs and sea food. These are good for nails.

25. Use a good sun block and wear gloves while going out as this protects the nails from getting brittle since the sun, chlorine and harmful cleansing products make the nails brittle.

26. A hand massage will boost your circulation and encourage nail growth.

27. Drink lots of water daily. Drink carrot juice as it is very rich in calcium and phosphorus and is beneficial in strengthening the nails.

28. Apply a nail hardener, but avoid products containing toluene sulfonamide or formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause redness or irritate the skin.

29. Repair splits or tears with nail glue or clear polish.

i know a lot of you ladies out there loves taking care of their nails...some would even go to a salon to have their nails done (ehem..Nikki, ehem...LOL) so this list will surely give you some ideas on how to take care of your nails more.

The only thing that i do to take care of my nails (actually my hands) is applying a hand lotion like the Age Defying Hand Lotion of Nivea. Sometimes, i also wear nail polish but i hate the yellowish tint it leaves after i take it off. Now, i know why and how to prevent it. ;)

Have a great day ahead, everyone! (and a good night's sleep to those on the other side of the world..)



AskMeWhats said...

SIS!!! hahaha anong EHEM Nikki??? hahaha Kaw talaga!!!! Sis! I do go to the salon BEFORE!!! But since i want to save up, I'm doing my own nails na!! (defensive no?) hahaha

Thanks for the tips!!! I love taking care of my nails and your post is on the right timing! love it!

Tracy Roa said...

Thanks for these great tips! I used to get my nails done at the salon all the time, but I've been doing them myself now to save money, just like Nikki. :D This helps a lot!

Olive Poppy said...

I think I lost track after No.10. Haha.

I know what you mean by biting your lips. I do it too outta habit, even when I'm not nervous about anything. And it's SO bad! :(

Kendy said...

Taking care of your nails is important. While applying glue it is important to remember that the age of the glue plays an essential role in its longevity. The older the glue is the lesser it tends to last. Even though glues provide an easy solution to repair broken and chipped nails, excessive use of nail glue can harm your nails. It is advised to keep the use of nail glues restricted to times when it is really necessary.

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