Sunday, August 24, 2008

nothing...juxt blacktied.

(laughs at my corny title =P )

Modelco Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Too Faced Shadow Insurance topped with NYX Jumbo eyeshadow in Horse Radish from lash lines up to the crease
MAC Juxt lid on the lid and inner lower lashlines, MAC Blacktied in outer-V and crease, MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in Black on the waterlines, Revlon liquid liner in Blackest Black on the upper lashlines
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

Monave Caroline
Cargo Blu Ray pressed powder (as finishing powder)
The Face Shop blush in Pastel Pink, MAC Shape and Sculpt


Artdeco lipgloss in #28


i really need to come up with new color combos...


Digital Angel said...

Woohoo, very cute. I love Green on your eyes :D Pretty!

Admin said...

i like the way you do makeup.. so clean!

AskMeWhats said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this sis! go for colors na talaga you are really pretty with all those colros! RED LIPPIE RED LIPPIE ! again again again! hehehe

Unknown said...

thanks digital angel i sooo love greens too. that's why i tend to wear it more often. but i am in a bad need of more color combos :)

thanks mua in scrubs..i am so inspired with your story. i wish i can do more gigs like you too!

hahaha nikkikulit mo. lol...i really wish i can wear red lippie outside the house, pero i swear super nacoconscious ako. X was able to see the pics and as usual, nikontra ako. he hates red lippies on me. LOL

AskMeWhats said...

you know what? funny thing, even my hubby doesn't like me in red lippie, i think guys don't like their gfs/wives to be on red lippie, parang old tignan? i think? not sure!

AskMeWhats said...

Namiss ka lang niya! hehehe

Gracie said...

Sis Nikki! How dare you talk like that about my favourite colour! ;) Reds are great if you wear them on the right occasion of course! Red lipstick cheers me up (ask Nimfa, sis Jheng ;))

Anyway, I love this EMU sis... it's gorgeous! Gosh! I really am looking forward to meeting you so you can give me some make up tips :)

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