Friday, August 15, 2008

Product Review: Beauty Formulas Eye Makeup Remover

since i wear eye makeup almost everyday, i am always on the lookout for eye makeup removers. I've found my (current) HG when it comes to makeup removers which is my MAC Cleanse Off Oil, but of course, who'd be able to say NO to something that's cheaper and might be as great as what you're currently using, right?

so last weekend, while getting some stuffs for my friend's mom at the mall, i browsed thru the Beauty Section (where else!?) to look for any great finds. And i saw this eye makeup remover from Beauty Formulas. I've been using some of their product already, like their cooling eye pads, self-heating face masks, and others and this is something new i think for this is the first time i saw this with their other products. So i got myself one and even before curiosity would kill the cat in me (LOL), i decided to try it right away.

It's in a clear gel-like consistency and almost liquidy actually.

I poured some on a cotton ball and swiped it on my lids. I was only wearing my MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and a waterproof mascara. I had to pour more and swipe more to really take the liner as well as the mascara off. But, i just ended up with smeared eyeliner and my mascara didn't even budge.

I don't easily give up the next day, i tried using the remover again but this time, i am wearing an eyeshadow, a liner and still a waterproof mascara (i always wear waterproof ones). I poured again some on the cotton ball and tried to take off my eyemakeup. This time, my eyeshadow went off...but not totally. I had to use more before it finally took off my eyemakeup, including my fluidline. But unlike my other makeup remover, with this, i had to do some tugging and exert more effort to really take off my makeup. And yeah, my waterproof mascara still stayed put.

I know some of you might ask why buy a separate eye makeup remover? Well, you know there are times when i'd mess up with my eye makeup and i have to do it all over again? So instead of reaching out for my MAC remover, i try to keep a separate eye makeup remover for such instances. I try to reserve my MAC cleanse off oil when i really want to remove makeup from my entire face.

This is cheap, got it for only Php150 ($3-$4) but i wouldn't suggest this for those who wear waterproof makeup, or even eyeshadows with a primer underneath. It will really need some tugging and pulling of your eyelid (or area) and i don't think anybody wants to have wrinkles just because they want to save money from buying cheaper makeup removers, right? I already have a bad case of undereye wrinkles and i'd do anything to have it i wouldn't want to aggravate that.

Maybe, if you dont wear any eyeshadow primers or waterproof eyeliners or mascara, this could work for you. but for me...nah, i won't even think of buying another bottle. Maybe i'll use this when i'm practicing some eye makeup color combos and i'm not wearing any primers.

IAMSUTIL gives this product 2 thumbs down!

Hope it helps!



Anonymous said...

Oh no! :( I'm not getting that na. Lancome's eye makeup remover is very very good, despite the hefty price tag. Ive been using it lately since everything on my eyes are waterproof. sigh.

AskMeWhats said...

I am not getting this too! :( I hate it when you have to tug your eyes and wipe it again and again just to remove the make up!!! i can see sagging and wrinkling of the skin :( baaaddd

Iambrigitte said...

yeah don't get it sophie, i still use it though but i just pat the cotton and make it stay longer on my eyes. then i remove the rest using my MAC cleanse off oil. probably this is good for just practicing on colors and when you aren't putting any primers underneath.

waaaaahh, i have a bad case of wrinkle problems already nikki and not to mention eyebags! sniff. sometimes i think of not wearing any eyemakeup so i won't have to remove anything from my eyes. but i can't live without mascara! i just dunno why...and i only use waterproof ones.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the honest review :)
~Pauline @Kallony

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