Friday, August 8, 2008

Product Review: BECCA Blush Brush

finally, my first V-blog!

Please bear with my boo-boos...i know i really look stupid and that i kept on stuttering and pronouncing words incorrectly, my bad. will try to do better next time.

Anyways, this is a review requested by JEN about my BECCA blush brush. Again, this is based on my experience and there's in no way that i am trying to bash the brand. it just so happen that this product didn't work for me.

I've also posted some pics in case you can't see the brush clearly in the video.

again...don't laugh at me too much, okie? hehehhe




Gracie said...

Oh sis! Congratulations on your first blog video ever! I've enjoyed watching it so don't worry about it.

Will you stop saying you look stupid? You don't look like it at all!!! You look cute and sounded sweet in this video :) Keep posting! Make up tutorial next time ;)

Anonymous said...

WoW! Great V-blog. Thanks for doing this review Jheng, i guess i know better now. Going to take your opinion on it. More power to your make up and (future) hairstyling career! You Go Girl!! :-)

Vanessa M. said...

i love the hari style! and you video was bad ass you look so cute!

kryzteta said...

Is the other one from Prestige? I have that as well and I choose it over my MAC168 and Body Shop.

Iambrigitte said...

hi gracie hehehe, i was really laughing when i got to watch the video myself. yeah, ill try to upload makeup tuts next time :)

hi jen, im glad you like the review. :)

thanks vanessa!

hi kryzteta, yep it's a prestige blush brush. it's really nice and it's the one i use for blushes :)

dianaoldfield said...

sis jheng, congratulations on your first video! i laughed when you said "yeah 3,7++ for a fan brush" hahaha.. you're really cute sis

Digital Angel said...

Congrats on your first video :D and I love your eyemakeup on the video, :) Thanks for good review.

sab said...

that is an expensive brush! i'm so sorry it didn't work out for you. :(

i love your video blog! more more!

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