Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Product Review: Fanny Serrano angled blush brush

during our makeup class, i discovered how great angled blush brushes are in applying blushes or in contouring the cheeks. that time, i only have my short handled angled blush brush from MAC (part of a set) and that from my SUESH 21 brush set. I just knew i had to get another one. And that's when i saw one of our classmates, Martin, using one from Fanny Serrano. It looks great, so i just couldn't wait...i went to the mall and got one for myself :)

the hairs are so soft when i touched them...the handle which is black in color looks sophisticated...and the price, Php750 is easy on the pocket (well, as compared to that of MAC's if i am going to get the long handled one.) so i purchased it, and upon arriving at home, washed it and waited for it to dry.

and here are the pictures of my brush after washing it (i forgot to take pics before washing):

(the brushes are numbered too like MAC)

i am not sure if you can see it clear or close enough...but the hairs just went wacko :( they just went on different directions that no matter how hard i try to smooth them out, they just won't. the hairs become flimsy too that i am quite sure this won't do any good in contouring. and it stinks too! yaiks! the hairs are well, already flimsy before washing but after washing it, it became worse. (sniff sniff). this brush won't do me any good even in applying blush since the color will be scattered once applied and if you try to blend it using this same brush, it'll just scatter all the more.

so i ended up using this to brush away fall outs of eyeshadows on my cheeks instead.


oh well...lesson learned: try to get feedbacks first before buying anything. yeah, this brush ain't that expensive but Php750 is still Php750. i could have just added more to get that LH angled blush brush from MAC.


will i buy again? let's just say i'll let you ladies poke me in the head real hard using this brush if i get another one. :)

i am not sure if this is the case with Martin or to others who have this already...i might have just gotten a bad one.



Tracy Roa said...

Sorry to hear about the brush. =( I hate when that happens!

AskMeWhats said...

Thanks girl for your review, I wouldn't hit your head coz you helped a lot of buyers with your review :D

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Becca Blush brush that you got? Still waiting for your review on that. Thanks! :-)

D said...

hiya, i have that brush as well.. and yeah it stinks a lot and i dont like it either. Wish i just added a couple more bucks and bought one from beauty bar instead. For someone who started in collecting nuce brushes i guess its ok. Hmmmp!!! I like their e/s brushes more. 750 gone to waste.

miemiemie said...

awww sayang..sana pwede ibalik no? yun yung ayaw ko sa country natin,badtrip you can't even return the products lalo na pag pumalpak sila..

Unknown said...

yeah total waste of money...and it just sucks because no matter how unsatisfied you are, you can't return it :(

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