Wednesday, August 6, 2008

retail therapy...

i've been so bored lately...i have no idea what's happening, but i feel so restless. probably because there's a problem in the office and for months now, i've been dragging myself to go to work everyday. how i wish i can just do makeup and still earn a lot. i can just imagine how happy i'd be if i can just resort to being a makeup artist as my job...
so today, after work, i went to the mall to shop for some stuffs. i really had no idea what to get, i just felt that i need to relax. and yeah, shopping is my therapy.
but don't worry, i didn't pass by the MAC counter. LOL
so here's my loot:

i remembered i need these since i'd be doing a bride's hair and makeup this month. i still have no idea what to do on her hair, though.

spatulas, makeup sponges from Cinema Secrets and some makeup from Nichido

i am really looking for a pack of wedge sponges like the ones being sold at Beauty Bar, i'm just not sure if they are again available.

I saw this from the Swiper and i just knew i gotta try it as well. For her review, click here.

I will also post mine soon.

when i got home, i saw that i still have a couple of unread magazines...tsk tsk.

i just find this pair cute...and they are comfortable, and cheap :)

Here's some swatches of the makeups i just bought:

i honestly love the colors...i think the middle color would be good for contouring, no? I just found out that i have few (i think just 1 or two) matte blushes so i got these.

Yeah, i'm still trying not to go to MAC. LOL

eyeshadows in Pink Dust and Gold Foil

(pretty colors too!)

eyeliners in Nice Gal and Pink Diamonds

i must admit, i miss getting stuffs from MAC :

anyways, of all those that i bought today, these i enjoyed the most:

mushroom soup and Chicken Lollipops meal from Red Ribbon for lunch...


how about you? what do you do when you're bored?


Phoebe said...

wow good girl! talagang no MAC :) i also have that nichido blush and yesh i also use it for contouring! :)

AskMeWhats said...

It's funny no? that you tried to get away from MAC but you end up shopping pa din for stuffs :) hey the beauty bar wedges are available, buy them at Beauty Bar robinson's place :) :) Love your loots and love your magazines!

Shen said...

great haul sis. :) i have the same spatulas too. :) no buy pa rin me.. hehehe! di ko alam kung kelan ako makakatagal.. :)

Tracy Roa said...

I've been doing a lot of retail therapy, too. :D You got some nice stuff. I really love the shoes! They're so cute! The food looks really good, too. The Red Ribbon over here only serves cakes and baked goods. :(

Iambrigitte said...

hehehe shemps, takot ko lang sau phoebs!, nichido is really nice no? actually im scared to use it, coz before i tried Ever Bilena blushes because of the raves in GT, then i ended up with a major breakout galore! im scared baka mabalewala ang paggamit ko ng revale! LOL

wow talaga nikki? they have the sponge wedges there? damn, i wanna go! i've been looking for it for a long time already. shucks layo pa naman sa akin ng rob. and besides, i am really trying to stay away from malls. hehe

i'm really itching to buy more mac shen but i just cant. i need to cut down my makeup expenses. i haven't recovered from my spending while i was in the makeup school eh

i am also loving the shoes tracy. i know i have to wear high heels since i'm small but my scoliosis is taking its toll on me. now i prefer flats, so i can walk better and more comfortable. awww, they have no rice meals? shucks, i still remember when i was in sydney, their Mcdo and KFC dont serve rice as well. lol i nearly died

miemiemie said...

yung trio na eyeshadow ba NYX? hehe :D nice haul by the way,love the shoes!:D

Iambrigitte said...

hi there miemiemie nope sis, it's a blush trio from Nichido :)

SamRaineEfa said...

Hi ate brigitte! I just want to ask how much is the nichido blusher trio.. i'm sooo curious about it... :) tnx :)

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