Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tutorial: How to use the Modelco Brow Stencils

Dear CG,

I've tried my very best to grant your request on how to use the Modelco stencils. I don't use them myself, but because i love you (and all of my readers), i've finally tried it. It's kinda hard at first and it took me a lot longer to line my brows but i really like the shape (and the arch) that i was able to come up with using the stencil so i might be using it more often from now on.

I wanna say sorry for the crappy tutorial. i did my best, honey...but i guess my best wasnt good enough. sniff. LOL

I was talking a lot (as usual) in the video that i had to trim it a few times. sorry if the video ended abruptly. i do hope you'd get to like it though (even for a bit? puhleeez!?)

Yours truly,

and oh, almost's the video (LOL)


Anonymous said...

Oh Jheng,

I'm so touched! Thank you, thank you for the step by step tutorial. I really appreciate it :-) My eyebrows are bushy and when I fill in my brows freehand, it's tabingi or one brow doesn't match the other. My fears regarding stencils are unfounded as it's not as difficult pala as I had imagined.

Again thank you!

CG :-)

sab said...

i love the tutorial! and your brows are fab! :)

Unknown said...

lovwe it!

Tracy Roa said...

You did a pretty good job with the video. I have trouble using eyebrow stencils myself. Hehe. You have really nice brows already, though.

AskMeWhats said...

you are a sweetcake! thanks for doing that! You help a lot!

dianaoldfield said...

bravo sis jheng.. thank you for recommending modelco.. im loving mine.. :D

Iambrigitte said...

hi CG, if they are bushy try to use the stencils first then just pluck those that aren't filled in using the stencil. it's a bit hard at first but you'll get the hang of it. or better yet, go to a salon, have it professionally done then maintain it yourself. pluck na lang those that will grow outside the brow area. :) thanks din for the's my pleasure to grant it :) til next time!

hehhe thanks sab need more practice in doing videos, paulit ulit ako eh. nalilito ako, nalilimutan ko english ko. at nakakailang actually ba ako sa isang araw? LOL

thanks may! :)

hehhee i also love your tuts and tips nikki buti ka nga you have a diagram pa of your eyemakeup eh.

hehehe, i need to buy another one diana my old one's running out na. and i don't have the rest of the stuffs (tweezers, spoolie).

Gracie said...

I've never used eyebrow stencils and it does look quite hard to do. I just draw my eyebrows :). However, having seen this, I might give it a try one day when I've got plenty of time to do my make up :) Great tutorial once again sis :)

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