Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my first ALDO bag...

...and probably my last :) since i am not really into bags or shoes. i don't buy bags that would cost more than 500 bucks! yeah...i am that cheap. lol. of course, when it comes to makeup, it's a different story. :)

but when i saw this Aldo bag from Phoebe (the dark violet one), i can't help but drool over it. and good thing the angels above might have heard my plea...so now...


now, i am again thinking bout that pink Guess bag i saw weeks ago...maybe, if i start praying tonight, i shall have it too?


Happy Friday!

this look should have been posted last weekend, but i forgot. LOL!
you ladies know by now that i have a new job, it's a day job and aside from being mandated to wear formal clothes, it also means no dark eye makeup. boo-hoo! but good thing is, when it's Friday, we can wear casual...so i guess i'd be looking forward to Fridays from now on. =)

so last Friday, i took advantage of the chance and i again wore a smokey eye look. i also missed wearing just my jeans and a comfortable shirt.
here's my look:


PAC Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Kleancolor palette
MAC Loud Lash Mascara
MAC Technakohl eyeliner on the waterlines


Smashbox Photofinish light
Cinema Secrets concealer on the undereyes (topped with OM Saffron concealer), sides of the nose and blemishes
Artdeco Mineral Foundation in #4
MAC Sculpt and Shape for contouring, MAC SF powder in NC25 to highlight
MAC mineralized blush in Dainty
MUFE HD loose powder as finishing powder


MAC l/s in Peachstock topped with Artdeco lipgloss in #28

what else can i say?


Monday, September 29, 2008

another OWG photoshoot...

here's a teaser from my second time to work with Ross Capili of OWG:

photo by: Bobit Silerio

model: Nikka

more photos to come... ;)


Saturday, September 27, 2008

ALERT: Cherry Culture 3 Days Free Shipping

and aside from that, they have Best Deals for some of their products. geesh, how good is that!?
too bad, the Free Shipping is for US orders only...awwww!

(but you can always ask your friends from the US to buy from you, right!? LOL)

to start hoarding, err, shopping...click here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

gotta get used to wearing neutrals...

i know i haven't been able to post EOTDs/FOTDs lately...and i am not sure if i'd be able to give you the looks i used to wear for a long time now since i am back to having a day job and i surely can't wear those dark eye makeup anymore. hmmm, maybe when it's a friday when i can wear casual? LOL

anyways, here's my (boring) looks for today..


PAC Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Coastalscents Neutral palette
Covergirl mascara in Brown Black
PAC eyeliner in Brown Black on the waterlines


Smashbox Photofinish light
Cinema Secrets concealer on the undereyes (topped with OM Saffron concealer), sides of the nose and blemishes
Artdeco Mineral Foundation in #4
MAC Sculpt and Shape for contouring, MAC SF powder in NC25 to highlight
MAC mineralized blush in Dainty
MUFE HD loose powder as finishing powder


Artdeco lipgloss in #43

I tried my Artdeco Mineral foundation and guess what, no itching! i find the shade a tad lighter when first applied but it darkens after a while. hmm...i am too acidic! grrr..but i love the feel and the fact that i didn't itch. i'll use this again and will post my review soon..but so far, i am liking it. but will probably get another shade that is lighter than what i already got.

...and yeah, i'm wearing formal clothes. i only get to wear casual during Fridays, and it suck since i got used to just jeans and shirt for more than two years. oh well...but of course, i am more than thankful that i have a job again! i officially start next week...i just attended a project meeting since the client came over.

and i know my eyebags really look terrible. i don't get to sleep that much at night. i need to re-program my body clock to get used to sleeping at night...i only get to sleep for like 3hrs, so there.

sniff...i need eyebag removal soon!

weeeee..thanks for those who prayed for me that i get a new job soon...and for the endless support and encouragement. i'd still be doing freelance (makeup) from time to time. besides, my job is only from Mondays to Fridays (regular working hours).

also, i want to take this opportunity to thank those who registered for our Makeup Workshop next week. Hope to meet and see you soon ladies!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


i've been lemming to get some items from Artdeco, most especially their mineral foundation. and finally, i was able to get one...and also their silk powder which claims to really help in keeping your foundation stay put. hmmm, i'm gonna try that one soon and of course, post my review.

here's my artdeco loot:

fixing powder...will try this one out soon and watch out for my review :)

mineral foundation, i got really interested in this. they have another one like that of L'oreal (with a brush) but i wasn't able to find a shade there so i got this one instead. besides, i have lots of brushes for mineral foundation use.

lipgloss in #43...got this one because of Phoebe's reco :)

my freebie...love the color. it's grayish-green...

i also decided to get this:

my hair is getting longer...and i just hate when i get fly-aways. and i can also use this to my clients, right? :)

and here's a gift from Shen:

thanks shen!

and now, i'm lemming to get some pigments from TKB Trading and press them!


(no buy! no buy!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunshot Glamour Photoshoot (Sunlife, Enterprise Tower)

last week, i had the chance to work with a fellow blogger because she invited me to be the mua for their glamour photoshoot workshop. it was fun, fun, fun. and i also got the chance to be a model...lol! but nope, i won't be showing my pics. :D

anyways, here's a teaser of the shoot. will post more pics, soon!

Tara, the arabian bride :)

some behind the scenes:

working on Angel

working on Tara

busy, busy...

i know i haven't been blogging that much (reviews, eotds/fotds...) but i will be, soon! i just need to learn how to manage my time nowadays since i am back to work and this time, i'm working on a dayshift...and because i've been working for more than 2 yrs on a night shift before, i am really trying so hard to get used to waking up early to come to work...despite me being able to sleep at around 4am. sniff.

but thanks my lovelies for always visiting my site. you encourage me to go on and pursue my dreams...i am so glad i've started blogging, i've met new friends (online and in person) and you make my life so much happier.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Candy Mag's photo of the week...

was really surprised to see this:

again, thanks thanks to Aprille Mae Batino (photographer) and Fiona Flores (model) for this awesome shot. til next time, ladies!


Monday, September 22, 2008

ladies, i want you to meet two new men in my life...

new boyfriend #1, Dingdong Dantes

and my fiance, Piolo Pascual

hehehe, okay okay...before X kills me i am just kidding. :)

these pics were taken during the Ponds' Win a Dream Date with Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes held at Crown Plaza hotel last September 18. it's a day i won't be able to forget...imagine, 2 of the hottest male stars of the country in one event!? i am so thankful (and forever i'd be) to Sophie for inviting me.

so, do you want to win that dream date?
here's how:

"A dream date with these two leading actors awaits single women between 18 to 35 years old who have healthy pinkish white skin. It’s as simple as sending a recent colored half body photo and one empty pack of any Pond’s White Beauty product together with your name, age, address, telephone or mobile number and e-mail. Also include the date of your choice: Piolo or Dingdong.

Two winners will be selected and these lucky ladies will each get a surprise Dream Date arranged by Pond’s with the heartthrob of her choice - Piolo or Dingdong – not to mention P100,000 cash! All eyes will be on Piolo and Dingdong as they await their perfect date. And who knows, with that pinkish white glow, you can have that ultimate dream date come to life!

Entries can be mailed directly to P.O Box 727, Araneta Center, Cubao, QC, 1135. It can also be dropped off at any Pond’s Dream Date Booth at participating malls. Submission is from August 24, 2008 until 5pm of November 15, 2008 only."

and of course, the day won't be complete without my girls:

with Sophie, Phoebe and Shen

again, thanks ladies for i really had a great time.

more pics here.

note: thanks to Phoebe and Sophie for the pics!

Friday, September 19, 2008

2nd Photoshoot at Studioshots, Ortigas

as promised, here are more pictures during our second time at Studioshots in Ortigas. this is becoming our Saturday "habit" LOL and they have sort of came up with a group name...it's Litratista Pilipinas. Nice, no?
honestly, i wouldn't mind doing this every weekend as my way to unwind... :)

Cherry and Fiona

photo by: Patrick Bryant Ang


photo by: Mark Laurence Ong


photo by: Patrick Bryant Ang

more pics here.

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