Sunday, September 7, 2008

another weekend photoshoot...

Sophie and I were again given a chance to work with talented photographers we've worked with last week. Here are some pics, more to follow... =)

Sophie and I working

(yeah, that's Jamie :>)

Karen before

Karen after

Leb before

Leb after

It was a very tiring, but enjoyable day for the both of us. and i got to do some of the models' hair! yey...but yeah, nothing like a major updo or something. i just did some curls, good thing i have my curling iron with me.

Good thing i get to do this more often now, takes my mind off a few things that have been worrying me for some time now.

I have another photoshoot to go to tomorrow (i mean, later..) and i am again with Sophie. YEY!

Thanks to Noel, Patrick, Raymond and April for this chance, 'twas again nice working with Royanne too. and of course, thanks to our models Leb, Karen, Jamie and Mariel! :)

and of course, i have to be wearing makeup too! lol

MAC Aquadisiac on lid, Freshwater on outer-V and outer crease, Gorgeous Gold as highlight and Parfait Amour on the lower lashlines

until next time, tata!


AskMeWhats said...

Yay sis!!! So proud of you and sophie! congrats for another photoshoot adventure!!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats sis! may you have more gigs like that. ;)

did you get Freshwater here? i want one too! waah what am i talking about, i'm broke haha.

Unknown said...

thanks nikki. i do hope we'll get more gigs too. i think i can do this everyday for the rest of my life. lol

yup mhean that's indeed freshwater. danda no? hehehhe get one na! LOL

My Makeup Journal said...

hi i must say that the aquadisiac really looks good on you :)) im bringing that back to my shopping list ! :))

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