Monday, September 1, 2008

Glam Dolls Photoshoot...

i am so fortunate to be given a chance to work with a very talented artist, Ross Capili, as one of the makeup artists for his Photography workshop which was held last Saturday, August 30. and of course, i've worked with Sophie and another mua.
i really enjoyed the shoot...met beautiful and talented models (Jayanne, Fiona, Zarah, Cilarisse, Caren and Katherine) and of course, Ross' students. They were so nice as well that they agreed to give us copies of their shots. I would say they like our work since they asked for our numbers for some of their upcoming shoots. woweeee! me and sophie are excited! looking forward to having another photoshoot like this :)
i did makeup for Caren and Katherine, and geesh, i really enjoyed it since i get to do colorful eye makeup. hehehe

Zarah working it

Sophie and her beautiful model, Jayanne

my uber-talented and gorgeous model, Katherine. (gosh, you have to see her work on her poses!)

sorry for the crappy qualities of the last 3 pics, i only used my cam phone. but, i'll post the official pics once we get them :)

now i am wishing that i have a dslr of my own so i can take decent photos next! seriously, i wanna learn photography too. i wish somebody would give me a dslr for xmas. tee-hee

looking forward to working again with you soon!


AskMeWhats said...

congrats to you and soapy! those are great looking makeup!! galing! dapat i got the autograph last Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've done fabulously on your models sis! Well done! :) So proud of you sis :)

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