Friday, September 19, 2008

i love Melissa!

weeee....i never thought i'll have one of these. i find their shoes really cute and edgy and their prices are quite steep (well, others would find their prices okay but i am not really into shoes so i don't buy a pair that would cost me more than a thousand bucks LOL) but i heard (and now, i've proven it) that they are really comfy and though made of plastic, it won't make your feet stink.
when i saw this pair, i was like "ugh, i want pink!" but there's no size available for me (i'm a size 5). yeah, really small, i know. luckily, they have my size in this color so there...gotta grab it!

killer shoes...LOL

well, they are comfy and unlike my other wedges that really strain my back (scoliosis...and for us, high heels are a no-no) this one doesn't. so i love, love, love it!

i still wish they have my size in pink, though.


AskMeWhats said...

sis I have tried Melissa and they are super comfy!!! Hey! GREY IS IN!!!! So it's ok even if it's not in pink, i love!

Imee said...

ooh... interesting. since their plastic, they must be easy to clean. MY kind of shoe!

Iambrigitte said...

yeah nikki they are so it! but i wish i'd find my size in pink. lol

yep imee they are so easy to clean..funky and cute too, no?

Anonymous said...

san po to nabibili?

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