Monday, September 1, 2008


after the shoot, Sophie and I went to the mall to wait for Shen. Good thing, Nikki's also dropping by to hand me my nail pens...yay, so excited!

Sophie and I were so hungry after the shoot that we decided to grab some pasta and pizza...we were so full that we wanted to go to bed right away. tee-hee!

When Shen arrived, we girls decided to stay at Gloria Jeans while waiting for Nikki. We were talking bout Phoebe's surprise party (which i wasnt able to attend, sigh) and some other stuffs when Nikki arrived and handed me my loot:

yummy colors, eh!?

nikki teaching me how to use the nail art pens....geesh i wish i am talented like her.

thanks a lot, Nikki! :)

yours truly going gaga over my painted nails

(i had them painted with black nail polish days ago and nikki put little flowers...)
* pictures robbed from Sophie hehehe (thanks dear!)

We also got to meet Nikki's hubby...he's as nice and always smiling like our very own Nikki. :) the good looking (and i must say, very sweet) couple left since they had to go somewhere. then Sophie had to go as well, so Shen and i were left to do a lil window shopping...but heck, we still ended with some stuffs. (now, i'm dead...Phoebe's gonna kill me)

ELF Glow Bronzing powder (i know i really look muddy with bronzers but i really wanna try again and hopefully be able to pull it off) and Cover Stick (i love this one, too!)

from the Heatherette collection: Hollywood Nights l/s, Style Minx lipglass and Night Hawk/Front Row dual edge eye pencil
yeah, my MAC purchase after like how many months!? see, i can't even remember when was the last time!

I finally got my hands on some of the items from the Heatherette collection...been waiting for this for such a looooonnnggggg time. i wanted to get Melrose Mood l/s too but i heard somebody hoarded them the day before. ACK! and i also wanted to get all the dual edge eye pencils :( sniff sniff

swatches: Hollywood Nights, Style Minx and the dual edge eye pencil
loveeee my MAC loot!

After an hour or so playing at the MAC counter with Shen, we went to Greenbelt to grab some dinner (shucks, i've been eating all day!). we were in the middle of some major blabbing when i got a call from Sophie bout something that really ruined my day. :( (will tell you more about this on a separate post...sigh)

then Shen decided to come over to my place to take a look at my makeup collection. and here's our Kikay Pinay getting busy:

i again went out yesterday to meet my friend, Nimfa and get myself a webcam and X's portable hard drive. And then i got these too:

i was supposed to get a copy of another magazine but good thing i can't find one. i might've ended up tearing it in pieces...sigh. just thinking bout it really makes me wanna go mad and...and...grrr!

oh well.



AskMeWhats said...

hi sis! super nice to see you, Sophie and Shen (for the first type) ang kukulit! i wish to see you guys once again!!!!

sab said...

aww.. whatever the bad news is... i hope you feel better.. im sooo jealous you guys get to meet na!

Phoebe said...

Good girl haul! I also have Style Minx and it's HOTTTT! I skipped on Hollywood Nights because no matter how purty it is, I thought I needed Russian Red more. :)

Happy shopping in MAC again! :)

/fairygodmother hahahaha

ps. sayang you weren't around last Friday :( oh and i heard about the magazine news *hugggggg*

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! Great to see you guys having a great fun! Trust sis Shen to end up at your place ha ha ha! I would and I all if I had the chance ;)

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