Sunday, September 7, 2008


on one of my YT videos, i've told you that i actually regret not getting a lot of the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils. good thing, Paula has a lot of them and is willing to swap it with some of my MAC items. so after a long day (photoshoot), this is what i got when i came home:

the 2 concealer tubes, 2 pots of EDM foundies and 2 falsies are actually freebies...and hey, i thought i only asked for 5 pencils? geesh, what a generous swapper! :)

thanks Paula! til next time...tee-hee.

yellow, black bean, pacific, gold, dark brown, cottage cheese and strawberry milk

yay, i now have 9 jumbo pencils...weeeeeee :) i am one happy la la la la.

and meet my 2nd paint pot in Soft Ochre courtesy of Mhean:

i bought one when the N collection went out, but i had a hard time using it so i sold it. Bleh! But now i've figured that all i need is my beloved 252 to be able to apply and blend it on my lids properly. So i want one again, but it's out of stock here in Manila. good thing, Mhean was on her way to Singapore so i asked her a favor to get one for me. and she did...yipeeee!

haller, soft ochre. nice to have you back ;)


AskMeWhats said...

yum for the loots! :)

Anonymous said...

wow that's some hauling! i miss MMU hauling... you're most welcome! too bad i wasn't able to get one for Jamie too... yours was the last stock! i guess it was meant for you haha so don't let go of it. :P

Unknown said...

yeah, really yumm! :)

thanks again mhean. i promise you i won't ever ever let go of my soft ochre again! LOL

sab said...

oh my!

i want a NYX jumbo pencil too! :)

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