Thursday, September 25, 2008


i've been lemming to get some items from Artdeco, most especially their mineral foundation. and finally, i was able to get one...and also their silk powder which claims to really help in keeping your foundation stay put. hmmm, i'm gonna try that one soon and of course, post my review.

here's my artdeco loot:

fixing powder...will try this one out soon and watch out for my review :)

mineral foundation, i got really interested in this. they have another one like that of L'oreal (with a brush) but i wasn't able to find a shade there so i got this one instead. besides, i have lots of brushes for mineral foundation use.

lipgloss in this one because of Phoebe's reco :)

my the color. it's grayish-green...

i also decided to get this:

my hair is getting longer...and i just hate when i get fly-aways. and i can also use this to my clients, right? :)

and here's a gift from Shen:

thanks shen!

and now, i'm lemming to get some pigments from TKB Trading and press them!


(no buy! no buy!)


Phoebe said...

LOVE their MMU! I've yet to decide what I really need hahahaha But really, the finishing powder and e/s (they may be too conservative for our taste but they're very versatile) are very nice. Am tryna fall in love with their concealer palang but I will buy it too most likely. hahaha

Where'd you haul up? Bakit ka may freebee ako wala :P

Shen said...

your hair is hot! :) i'm diggin it. :) the lipgloss is godsend, thought you were wearing lipstick on your FOTD. :) i want to get some TKB's too but yes.. no buy no buy! i don't think we have artdeco near me so... THANK GOD.. mapapagastos na naman ako sayo. :)

it's great that you're pressing medium didn't spill. :) yey!

AskMeWhats said...

Artdeco lipglosses are GREAT!!! I love your hauls and can't wait for you to try them out!!! yes, your hair is longer and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Neutrals look good on you - you look very polished and professional. Congrats sa new job! Naku, I want to try Art Deco's MMU again. The SA put it on me few months ago pero hindi ko pinansin kasi I wasn't into MMU. In fairness, hindi nga ako nag-itch unlike the couple of MMU's I've tried.

Sigh...nadagdagan na naman ang mga "lemmings".

:-) CG

miemiemie said...

was wondering san galing ang artdeco? hmph,punta dapat kami manila tomorrow kaso my sis just had a manila was postponed :( was planning to checkout some makeup brands in manila pa naman sana

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